Thursday 28 March 2013

Swap Haul!

Hey everyone! Is everyone as excited for a long weekend as I am? I'm so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow lol. I quickly wanted to share a short haul post of a swap I did with a friend of mine from Brazil. I was sent me the new Jade holographic polishes, some indies I've been lemming and some other goodies. Here's a preview of swatches to come.

Benita Stamping Plate B-09

Close up of EDK's I Love Zombies and Aquila
Close up of Penelope Luz's Lucky Fairy, Picasso and Blue Birds of Paradise 

This was the first time I received a broken polish in the mail. The bottle of La Femme Unica I received broke at the neck, but luckily the leakage created a quasi seal and I was able to decant 90% of the polish. The polish gods must've been looking out for me because I would've been seriously bummed if I was not able to save Unica at all. It is the most beautiful dark green holographic polish I've come across since A-England's Dragon.

I used polish thinner to loosen up the polish for an easier pour and to make sure I got every valuable drop from the bottle. If this happens to you in the future and you want to decant be very very careful because it is broken glass you're dealing with! Also make sure you do it over scrap paper because it can get messy.

Sad polish :(
Good as new!

Have you ever had a polish break while in transit to you? Were you able to save it or was it a total loss?


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