About Us

Hello, I'm Annie. One half of A.M. polishes. I've always loved nail polish but my addiction didn't come into full effect until early 2011 when one specific collection caught my eye. That collection was the Fingerpaints flakies. I was on vacation at that time and completely missed when they were released in-store. I searched high and low for the collection when I got home but had no success. I eventually filled that void with more polish...much more polish. With the help of Mir and the polish community my love for all things nails/nail polish has become a true passion of mine! Feel free to follow me on instragram @anniepolishes

P.S. I never ended up obtaining the Fingerpaints flakies!


Hi, I'm Mir. The other half of A.M. polishes. I used to be a nail-biter until my friend brought me to get a gel-set so I couldn't!!!! I still tried but eventually gave up. Because of that, my nails grew out and I bought my first polishes to cover them up lol & then it began.... But I wasn't crazy about polish like this until talking to Annie!! Before I just bought, then I started following releases, finding sales, viewing trends, and of course.. non-stop chatter about polish :D
Annie and I decided to start a blog because we both love nail polish and wanted to become more involved in the polish community. :) .. I'm sure many of you have seen us on polish forums / facebook pages!! I'm known as quite the 'spammer' or errr.. the active poster because I love to comment and post etc. (lol!!)
you can also follow me on pinterest! http://pinterest.com/mirca9/

fun fact: I used to call creme colours - matte colours lol!

Feel free to contact us at: ampolishes@gmail.com
If it's only addressed to one of us, please state the name in the Subject :) thank you!