Monday 22 July 2013

Revlon Nail Brightner and Cuticle Softener Review

Last month Revlon generously sent us some products to review, I have 2 products from their nail treatment line to share with you all today.

Revlon Nail Brightener
The name of this product is a little misleading. I guess what I was expecting was a nail whitening product, what we have here is a brightening product. Instructions on the bottle recommend to use this product alone or as a base coat. From afar the polish is milky white in colour but a closer view shows a burple micro-shimmer, on the nail it gives off a sheer pearly finish. The brightener did not whiten my nails or remove stains but I found the glowy effect of the burple shimmer definitely helped my nails look more naturally refined and shiny. I can see myself using this polish for days when I want a demure look to my nails. I don't know how often I'd use this products as a base coat because I felt the burple tint was actually quite strong when on my nails.

Naked Nails

Revlon Cuticle Softener
At first glance I thought this was a polish but upon closer inspection it turned out to be a cuticle softening product. Unlike many cuticle care products out there this was a blue tinted gel with little micro beads that dissolved once massaged into you skin. I liked the frosted glass bottle and absolutely loved the smell. I thought it smelled like lychee and the scent lasts after the gel is absorbed into the skin. A little product goes a long way, I thought the gel was absorbed quickly but left slightly tacky film where it was applied. The skin around my nails did feel softer but I haven't tested the products over a long period of time yet. I think this product will work well with individuals who dislike the oily feeling of traditional cuticle oils. Personally, I didn't love or hate this product but is something I can see myself using in a pinch.

The little beads in the cuticle softener reminded me of that 90's drink, Orbitz...does anyone else remember these?
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Each bottle is 14.7ml big and can be purchased at any drug store in North America.
Have you tried any of products from Revlon's Nail Treatment line? If so, which ones?


***Products were sent for review in exchange for our honest opinions***


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    1. I felt compelled to google the word burple and burple was actually a drink from the 80's/90s! so weird!


  2. OMG thank you for posting about those Orbitz drinks!!! My little brother & I were talking about them a couple months ago, and sorta wondering if we were going crazy, or had just *imagined* our parents buying them for us as a treat if we were good at the grocery store... I'm totally sharing this photo with him! :-D Thank you!! :-D