Wednesday 17 July 2013

OPI Bond Girls: Vesper

Bad news :(

Let's start off with I LOVE liquid sands..
but Vesper, I hate Vesper :(. It was super sad because Vesper, the purple was the one I was most looking forward to!

I would love it as a normal purple colour, but as a liquid sand, boo! In the bottle it looks like a weird brown with a purple tinge and black dots.. I tried to take a photo which shows it as brown, where the 'bubble' is you can see the purple! :)

love the grittiness, horrible on my hands :(

It's just a deep purple base with black 'sand' ..
Even with the combo, it's underwhelming compared to the other beautiful liquid sands OPI came out with!


I didn't even bother swatching it on my hand sorry, it looked terrible on me. I did it on one finger and when I removed it, all the micro black 'sands' stuck to my cuticle bleh.

In good news, it does act like the other liquid sands, as a nice sandy finish, opaque in 2 coats.
Not sure of its lasting power, but if it's similar to the other ones, it's great!

I'd say, buy the other ones, they are much prettier, especially Tiffany Case. I thought it was similar to Get Your Number, but it's not, I definitely put in an order for Tiffany Case, right away!!

bleh, why are you so ugly on me..?

I should have blogged about the other liquid sands first but I took the pictures and totally forgot, oops!!
But can't wait to show you after, they are B-E-A-U-TIFUL!!

Did you purchase anything from this collection..? if so, which ones?? :D


OPI can be purchased at Trade Secrets in Canada for average of $10. OPI is also carried in various retailers :)

This was purchased by me. Reviews are all my honest opinion at this moment in time, not company influence.


  1. Yea this is definitely one of those colors you just love or hate I guess. I think my friend got this or a similar one that's really dark. I think the true beauty of liquid sands only come through when the color is lighter.

    1. I agree,, or if it's super sparkly!! I find companies keep bringing out liquid sands but they're not as nice as the mariah carey ones! I think I like those the best =)

  2. hmm something about dark textured polishes make me think... like "evil" nails or something. Like jasmine (above) has said... I prefer light coloured sand polishes... like solitaire!

    1. I didn't like Solitaire as much as I thought I would! it was too creamy looking to look good against my skin which I am sad about but i do like Tiffany Case and Jinx :D
      I love super sparkley ones!

  3. I had the same reaction to Vesper.

    The matte textured finish is sweet when there's a little sparkle/bling going on.

    None of that going on here.

    1. agreed! and I could SEE the black specks within the nice purple.. it gave me the 'ewie' feeling hahaha!