Tuesday 27 November 2012

Urban Outfitters - Silver Holo

The sun came out to play again this past weekend and it gave me the perfect chance to try out another Urban Outfitter holographic polish. This time I used Silver Holo, an intense silver holographic polish that glowed in the sun and indoors. I can't even begin to describe this beauty, this polish is one of the strongest holo polish I own. It was so distracting because I couldn't stop staring at my nails the entire weekend! Like I mentioned about the Urban Outfitters - Green Holo in my previous post, the formula was a little thick  for my liking and I had to work a bit to get even coverage on the nails. But I promise you the work is totally worth it. I tried to capture the polish as best as I could but these pictures doesn't do justice, definitely a polish you need to see in person!

I used nail envy as a base coat and 2 layers of polish (1 thin, 1 thick) to achieve complete opacity. The polish can be bought in-store at Urban Outfitters or online, each bottle is 15ml and sold for $10. Some girls mentioned that they were able to pick these up as part of the 2/$8 offer. Unfortunately I wasn't that lucky and paid full price but it's definitely worth while to check your store to see if they have these as part of the special. Thanks for reading :)


Sunday 18 November 2012

Urban Outfitters - Green Holo

The weather here was fantastic this weekend, and what better way to show my appreciation for some sun than with a new holographic polish. What I have to share today is one of Urban Outfitters new holo polishes. There are 3 colours in total from the collection, Silver Holo, Green Holo and Pink Holo. In-store the polishes looked nothing special but under the right lighting you will be blown away. As you can see from the pictures below the bottle has a silver cap, it seems like many polishes companies are following this signature when it comes to holographic polishes. As a consumer, I'm a fan. It makes to easier for me to spot HTF polishes and it makes the polish all the more special and distinctive.

I haven't had the opportunity to try out any of the halo hues from Color Club but from swatches I've seen online I would say Green Holo looks like a slightly muted version of Color Club's Angel Kiss. They're both a gorgeous seaform green colour but Green Holo looks just a little less green in comparison. I found the formula of the Urban Outfitters' polish to be a bit goopy and difficult to work with. It took a bit of effort to eliminate all the patchy spots but in the end I think the swatches speak for themselves and all the hard work was worth it. The colour is super holo even indoors with artificial lighting.

I apologize in advance for how super greasy my fingers look but I was so excited to share this amazing polish and my cuticles were horribly dry and unpresentable.

I used 2 layers, 1 thin 1 thick to achieve complete opacity. The polish can be bought in-store at Urban Outfitters or online, each bottle is 15ml and sold for $10.