Friday 12 February 2016

wet n wild 1 Step Wonder Gel Polish Swatches - Part 2

If you missed my first post where I swatched 7 out of the 18 shades from this collection, you can read my post here. The 1 step wonder gel collection is the newest line from wet n wild, here is a little info from the company:

  • New 1 Step WonderGel™ was developed using the same technology that’s used in dental veneers for durability and shine.
  • This formula delivers the color and shine of a true UV cured gel polish, without the need for a special UV light.
  • It cures with the regular ambient light from overhead lighting or sunlight.
  • Because it is a true gel formula, the formula is light sensitive and requires an opaque bottle.
  • Color and shine last for up to 2 weeks! 
  • Results are achieved in just one easy step. 
  • No top coat or base coat required! No harsh removal! Removes with regular nail polish.

Click to see individual swatches.

Pardon My Peach
A one coater creme beauty. Definitely true to its name this polish is a nice light peachy shade. I think this shade would look great in the summer!

Coral Support
I needed 2 coats for this pinky coral creme. This shade is the darker pinker sister of Pardon My Peach, another lovely shade for summer.

Bye Feluschia
2 thick coats were needed for full opacity of this metallic fuchsia. Just like All That Jazzy, a little more care is needed in the application of this polish because the brush strokes can be seen when dried.

Lavender Outloud
A greyish lavender creme that is universally flattering with all skin tones. 2 coats were needed for opacity.

Left Marooned
3 coats, patchy, hard to work with. Not really maroon but more of a deep scarlet.

Under My Plum
I used 2 thick coats, the colour is more of a plummy maroon. A pure creme polish.

Power Outage
I was excited about this one, I know...excited about a black polish? I thought with so many great one coaters in this collection this black creme may have been the one. The holy grail one coater. Sadly it was not, the first coat was super sheer but the colour was definitely buildable. With 3 thin coats the black was finally opaque.

From these 7 colours, my favourite were Coral Support and Lavender Outloud. Missing from my swatches are 4 colours (pinks and red) Pinky Swear, Missy in Pink, It's Sher-Bert Day! and Crime of Passion.

Overall I found there were some clear hits and misses in this collection. Some shades were great one coaters while some were patchy, sheer and thick coat were needed (I'm looking at you Power Outage).

wet n wild 1 step wonder gel is now available in-store where wet n wild products are sold.

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