Sunday 16 March 2014

L'Oréal Warehouse Private Spring Sale 2014

Hi :D

I love warehouse sales, I try to go to a few of them in a year and just take a look at all the sales. I've been trying though to be good and not buy things if I don't immediately need them but still...!
Btw, I didn't really bother taking pictures, I should have! But I was so tired so sorry for the wordy post :P

Anyway onto the information:
ps. Most information for warehouse sales are similar so you can kind of eye it.

For this sale the dates are:

March 13th - 16th
March 19th - 23rd
March 26th - 30th

Hours of Operation:

Wed - Fri: 11:30 am to 8 pm
Sat: 9 am to 5 pm
Sun: 10 am to 5 pm

No plastic bags available. No strollers.

342 Wildcat Road
Toronto, ON
M3J 2P5

A ticket is good for 2 visits and 2 persons per visit.
Each ticket is good for up to 600$ and they have maximum quantities (shown on ticket).
Since it's for personal use I don't really think people would be hitting the limits but a lot of people do buy many gift sets for later on etc..

 Click the picture for more details, I left these images huge for you ;)

I am happy to say, each year I go I spend less!

L'Oréal Private Sale has many brands such as Maybelline, La Roche-Posay, Lancome, Essie etc.
Just don't in expecting a lot, no YSL lipglosses etc hah (although I WISH they would!).

For cosmetics the bulk of it would be L'Oréal Paris items and Maybelline. Most higher brand names would be fragrances or skincare.

Some prices I remembered was Maybelline mascaras for 2-5$, L'Oréal nail polish for 2.50 - 4$, Hair Colour for $5, Assorted hair products and shampoos from 4-10$, Biotherm kits from 15-50$, assorted fragrances from 30% to w/e, random cosmetics from L'Oréal / Maybelline in the lower range.. $4 - $10.

Lancome was more expensive this year, their glosses were $10, lipsticks/ baumes in love were $14.
There are so much more items but I really can't list! haha

The selection of colours were also meh, but expected.. all the colours I wanted were sadly SHEER haha so sad :( especially since everyone kept pushing!!

Essies were about $5, buy 5 get one 1 free, buy 9 get 2 free ( I think), nail appliques were $4?.. but I don't really like them so I didn't look at all. 

I am going to say I was good and didn't spend much.  

Here's my haul.

A huge 1.18 L of Garnier Color Shield Shampoo - $4.50 

(no conditioner available!! :*( )
I don't usually use this but I just needed something to tie me over.. and this will be good for a LONG time.

400 ml Garnier Body Reparing Lotion in Shea Butter for extra dry - $3

250 ml was $2.
I actually wanted to try the aloe since Shea isn't usually something I like the smell of..but it was pleasant and they only had this or grape seed left!
I hope it's good since I see it on sale at SDM all the time haha

6ml Lancome L'Absolu Creme De Mat in Prune Elixer - $9.75
My impluse buy, it's a nice shade, matches the polish! My mom thinks it's a bit dark on me she was like WHAT? but I'm just going to call her old-fashion :3

11.7 ml L'Oréal nail polish in Violet Vixen - $2.50

Like I was going to go shopping and not buy nail polish? hahah

4g Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow in Icy Mint - $3.75
I was hoping for more selection but they only had a gold, silver and Pomegranate Punk (which I have and I really like it!)

Lancome Gift Set - $54
It says it retails for 90$ w/ purchase of lancome product and worth $244!)
This was my *big* purchase but I figured I usually like the value of the giftsets they discount and I am a total SUCKER for the Lancome Bi-facil. & it's full sized.
It also includes a full size eye cream (worth almost 90 itself) and brush so..It's a good deal!!

I also really like the bag.. It opens up to reveal two mesh compartments, it'll be good for travel.
Includes deluxe sizes of an eyeshadow quad, eyeliner, mascara, serum of light and a really good sized lipstick in a pale nude colour which I adore!

Total spent: 87.58
Retail: roughly $150 (+ you need to purchase something from Lancome to get the giftset for 90$)

Freebies: Skinny Cow bars, which are yummy!


  1. ouu i love love love the mesh bag. So handy for travels :)

  2. how can someone get this ticket to enter?

    1. you'll need to find someone who has friends that get tickets via employer or other connections…or I know others find it through kjiji etc but i don't recommend that!
      I was lucky enough that my friend's employer gets tickets =)

  3. Damn those are some good prices!

  4. Where does one write to get on the invite list for the business