Tuesday 24 January 2017

Essence Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Review (#1-6)

Product Review

Today for review, we have Essence's Liquid Lipsticks in:

01 colour party
02 beauty secret
03 almost real
04 show off!
05 peach party
06 make a statement

A nice range from nude to berry. Liquid lipsticks made in Italy with a 18 month (opened) shelf life.

Because liquid (matte) lipsticks were such a trend, I assumed they were among the likes of Colourpop's Liquid Mattes or NYX's Liquid Suede Creams but these are much more comparable to Rimmel's Apocolips Lip Lacquer. I find it more like a liquid gloss than a lipstick.

These liquid lipsticks are adorable and compact - fits right into my hand :)
They have a clear casing showing the colour within. Also they have a twist cap which clicks shut to make sure it's tightly closed.
At first glance, cute comes to mind. The clear rectangle packaging makes the inside lipstick shaped tube glow. The cap matches the tube which makes it easy to store it anyway you like. The cap also 'clicks' shut to prevent leakage (which is a BIG plus because I have problems with other companies and their leaky products boo!!).

The applicator is just an average gloss / liquid lipstick flocked doe foot applicator with a bit of a dip to hold the product.

colour party, beauty secret, almost real, show off!, peach party, make a statement

These have a gloss-like semi opaque tacky finish. Fuller coverage in two coats. Due to its gloss-like finish, they don't stay very long but the darker colours do leave a tinge of colour behind. These liquid lipsticks have a slight scent which reminded me of the MAC lipsticks. I'm not in love with the scent but it's not overbearing/appalling.

Essence, in general has been a favourable brand to me, their products are priced at an unbelievable price point (items average about $5 or less HELLO!), they're of great quality (I absolutely love one of their lipsticks and ALWAYS recommend it to anyone who is in the market for one), their packaging is quite nice, it's cute but not too childish. The variety of products released is great. there's a little bit of everything to try out and they release collections quite frequently, often with beautiful designs I just can't help but love. It's definitely a brand I would recommend to try, especially if you're just wanting to try out something but need to stretch that dolla' ;) I know many are trying to do low-buys!
Lastly, I think they're pretty accessible. In Canada, they have a permanent stand in Shoppers Drug Mart, along with pre-packs of their collections on stands nearby. I heard Ulta in the States carries Essence and I know Essence is quite popular in Europe already!

For your viewing pleasure, keep scrolling as I add in a few more pictures on the lips, weirdly Colour Party kept making my pictures turn out blue no matter what! I hope to unload my pictures and finally post a few more reviews on this brand :)
bare lips

 colour party
beauty secret

almost real
peach party

make a statement
make a statement (after 1 hour) the colour fades slightly

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*Info given to me via press release for Canadian sales only, please use info as a guideline*
Essence Cosmetics released these liquid lipsticks in Feb/March 2016 retailing for a suggested $3.99 each

Product was given in exchange for review. Opinions reflected are my own with no influence from company


  1. They look so good on u. I was thinking of decluttering mine but won't after seeing this.

    1. Thank you! There are a few colours that don't work for me, but I really like Make a Statement!

  2. I don't know I bought one and returned it only bc liquid lipstick to me is liquid lipstick matte and not sticky. These were literally glosses to me. I think i would've been happier if they just named it that

    1. yeah that's why the name was surprising to me, they're more of a coloured gloss. Even glossier than the Rimmel Apocolips I referred to. But can you imagine if Essence came out with a liquid lipstick that's like colourpop....i would be in heaven!!!

  3. Real Canadian Superstore also carries them