Saturday 30 August 2014

KKCenterHk Lovely Cosmos Flowers Sea Water Decal Review

Hello again dear readers! Today I have another product sent to us from KKCenterHk for review. Water decals are another part of nail art that I adore, they're so easy to use and a perfect image is always transferred onto the nail.

I have the N.NAIL Lovely Tones Common Cosmos Flowers Sea Water Decals to share today. It is a full nail decal of various coloured flowers on a black background. The only thing I didn't like about the decal was that a light or white coloured base was needed before you could apply the decal otherwise the colour would not show up. The coloured flowers were surprisingly sheer and I was surprised when I first placed them on my nail and could hardly see any detail or colour. A bit more work is needed with this type of full nail decal as well as you would need to individually cut out the decal to fit your nail.

Otherwise the nail decal is pretty much fool proof application wise, as long as the decal is wet and the surface is wet as well it can be repositioned until you are happy with its placement.

Source: KKCenterHk

Click to see some looks I created with the water decals...

Thursday 14 August 2014

KKCenterHk Baby Blue Circle Nail Art Studs Review

Hello again dear followers! Today I have a sample generously sent to us by KKCenterHk that I'd like to share with you all. I'm no pro at nail art but I always have a soft spot for it, particularly anything dainty and sparkly. So when the chance came to review nail art studs I couldn't pass it up.

I have the N.NAIL Sweet Series Baby Blue 2mm Circle Nail Art Decorations to share today. The studs are a very pretty shade of iridescent baby blue that shine a slight purple/red colour at different angles. The only thing I didn't like about the studs was that I found that they sort of became invisible if they were placed on a similar base colour. The studs almost felt like they became translucent and slightly invisible. They are quite small at 2mm so they are difficult to place unless you had tweezer or a wax tipped pencil to help with precision placement.

The pack contains approximately 100 pcs and is priced at $2.50USD which is quite reasonable with the amount you receive.

Souce: KKCenterHk

Click to see a couple looks I came up with...

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Swatches

Hello dear followers! Today I have a follow up to Mir's Revlon Colorstay Event post. I will be swatching the polishes I received in my goodie bag at the end of the event. If you would like to read Mir's original post you can do so here.

All my swatches were topped with the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Topcoat which I forgot to take a picture of. The topcoat did a great job adding a gel like shine to my nails and dried fairly quick. I was quite impressed with the overall quality of the polishes. Many only required one coat for opacity and dried quickly with a glossy shine.

Onward to the swatches...

Monday 4 August 2014

New Point Rewards from Sephora

Today, I came home to see a list of new rewards from Sephora. Now I know there's a lot of un-fairness with some of Sephora practices in regards to their pricing etc BUT I still get excited seeing these rewards. Sadly when I came home, most of them were either unavailable or not up for grabs yet.
I'm not including their 100 / 500 point perks since those are more common and always there..
In regards to their 5000/10000 points, they're not as amazing as the previous ones, (such as the 5000 points from before for a Marc Jacob bag and Marc Jacob beauty products!!!!!!!)

1000 points
For 1000 points this one is alright if you're looking for help with your look. I personally don't care for this one. With my shopping habits and overall 100 points etc redemptions I have most of those deluxe samples pictured and with my VIB ROUGE status, I get unlimited access to the beauty studio. If you're interested in spending 1000 points, I would point you to the Marc Jacob Love & Lust Lip duo which includes a full sized Cabaret lipstick and Shooting Stars lipgloss. Review for that is coming up.

5000 points
 This one is my favourite, 5000 points for 12 months of 500 point perk boxes AND double boxes for Oct-Dec. Meaning in total 15 500 point perks. I've been loving their 500 point perks and I would monthly mail from Sephora lol!! I've received their NARs one recently. I loved it so much, I bought two! Sadly by the time I saw it, "Add to Basket" was not available :( sadface
10000 points
This one is pretty amazing, I totally have a soft spot for SF. So for 10000 points, you get 2 roundtrip tickets to SF, a hotel room, a bag filled with goodies and access to Sephora Backstage experience. The date is already set for October 24th-26th!

There you have it, which ones do you like best? or are you going to break down the points to get a bunch of 100 point perks instead? If so, I am eyeing Marc Jacob deluxe gel-liner crayon! :D



Photos and information was screencapped from via my account.