Monday 4 August 2014

New Point Rewards from Sephora

Today, I came home to see a list of new rewards from Sephora. Now I know there's a lot of un-fairness with some of Sephora practices in regards to their pricing etc BUT I still get excited seeing these rewards. Sadly when I came home, most of them were either unavailable or not up for grabs yet.
I'm not including their 100 / 500 point perks since those are more common and always there..
In regards to their 5000/10000 points, they're not as amazing as the previous ones, (such as the 5000 points from before for a Marc Jacob bag and Marc Jacob beauty products!!!!!!!)

1000 points
For 1000 points this one is alright if you're looking for help with your look. I personally don't care for this one. With my shopping habits and overall 100 points etc redemptions I have most of those deluxe samples pictured and with my VIB ROUGE status, I get unlimited access to the beauty studio. If you're interested in spending 1000 points, I would point you to the Marc Jacob Love & Lust Lip duo which includes a full sized Cabaret lipstick and Shooting Stars lipgloss. Review for that is coming up.

5000 points
 This one is my favourite, 5000 points for 12 months of 500 point perk boxes AND double boxes for Oct-Dec. Meaning in total 15 500 point perks. I've been loving their 500 point perks and I would monthly mail from Sephora lol!! I've received their NARs one recently. I loved it so much, I bought two! Sadly by the time I saw it, "Add to Basket" was not available :( sadface
10000 points
This one is pretty amazing, I totally have a soft spot for SF. So for 10000 points, you get 2 roundtrip tickets to SF, a hotel room, a bag filled with goodies and access to Sephora Backstage experience. The date is already set for October 24th-26th!

There you have it, which ones do you like best? or are you going to break down the points to get a bunch of 100 point perks instead? If so, I am eyeing Marc Jacob deluxe gel-liner crayon! :D



Photos and information was screencapped from via my account.

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