Tuesday 29 July 2014

Revlon Colorstay Event (Toronto)

Thank you Revlon for hosting this event!

The cut is early since this post is very picture heavy!
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It was hosted at the lovely 180 Panorama Lounge (Manulife Centre 55 Bloor Street West).
The lounge had wall to wall Revlon items / displays.

(AND a manicure area led by a Revlon nail expert!!!)

It was a bit hot inside the event so I spent some time outside which had tables with Revlon products as the center pieces.  It was really cute but not that many people went outside to take a look.

The view was gorgeous and Toronto really is an evolving city. I haven't been downtown for a while, and now there's so many buildings being constructed. Still...such a lovely home city!

Can't get enough of Toronto 
There were multiple tables filled with Revlon Colorstay items which we were free to swatch, sample and photograph to our heart's content.

At the entrance, we were even given a 'shopping list' which was a card with items featured at the event. We could check out all the items we liked, this gave a general idea on what shade we were and if there were things that we didn't like (like pink polish!! Still got one though lol). At the end of the event, our special hosts put together a jam-packed personalized goodie bag for us. It was a nice touch since of the items were concealers/powders.

Revlon, as gracious as they are also provided appetizers,  mini desserts and an open bar with a delightful menu full of cocktails named after their glosses.

Annie and I, of course tried a few and they were yummy!

I think my favourite was the Cookie Shooter even though it was a mouthful. It was a tiny bowl shaped cookie with a chocolate layer inside. When you get one, the server pours milk inside and then you just shove the whole thing in your mouth lol..as ladylike as you can.

After swatching and picking out what we wanted. There was a short presentation by Revlon. We got a sneak-peek of their newest commercial and their new spokespersons. They introduced to us new items and told us we could bring them home with us to try!!!! ;) such as the new mascara pictured below (right) ! Most of these items should be in stores by now, so check it out =).

Creeping while they make our personalized goodie bags

By the end of the event, the storm clouds were rolling in..

uh-oh. time to go!
we left just in time and only got a little wet running to the car. We started comparing goodie bags right away because it was too exciting to even wait haha! Inside each goodie bag there was a mysterious box. We thought it was more cosmetics but it was a delicious donut!! If you follow me on instagram (@_mirch) you know.. I couldn't stop saying how yummy it was hehe..

Below is my haul.. :)

Below is Annie's haul.. :)

Stay tuned for our reviews of the items we received in our goodie bags!! Which one excites you the most, which do you want to see first??

Thank you Revlon once again for hosting this Colorstay event and giving out super generous goodie bags!

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  1. Ughh so jelly, y'all got some good products ;)

  2. Looks awesome!! I'd be interested in the foundations! :)