Tuesday 2 February 2016

wet n wild 1 Step Wonder Gel Polish Swatches - Part 1

Last week Mir and I had the amazing opportunity to attend wet n wild 2016 preview event. We got to test some new products coming out this spring and learn more about this cruelty free company. We had a load of fun and left with a bunch of products we are looking forward to reviewing.

I must admit I don't have too much experience with wet n wild beauty products, however I do own quite a few of their nail polishes. They're very modestly priced with a vast colour selection, my favourite line is their Mega Last polishes which offers creme polishes and more muted neutral tones. wet n wild's latest release is their 1 Step Wonder Gel Polish with 18 colourful shades to choose from. Here is some info on their site about this new line:

  • New 1 Step WonderGel™ was developed using the same technology that’s used in dental veneers for durability and shine.
  • This formula delivers the color and shine of a true UV cured gel polish, without the need for a special UV light.
  • It cures with the regular ambient light from overhead lighting or sunlight.
  • Because it is a true gel formula, the formula is light sensitive and requires an opaque bottle.
  • Color and shine last for up to 2 weeks! 
  • Results are achieved in just one easy step. 
  • No top coat or base coat required! No harsh removal! Removes with regular nail polish.

I have 7 shades out of the 18 to share with you all today. No top coat was used in any of the swatches

More detailed descriptions and pictures ahead

Condensed Milk
An off white creamy beige polish, it was slightly streaky so I had to use 3 coats for full opacity. I tend to gravitate towards these milky whites in the summer when I have a slight tan.

Pale in Comparison

The pink sister of condensed milk, off white with a hint of pink. This was streaky as well so I needed 3 careful coats for opacity. Again, I feel that this shade would look lovely against a summertime tan.

Stay Classy
A soft mauve creme. This shade had an awesome formula, only 1 thick coat was needed. One of my favs from the collection. Reminded me of Essie Ladylike or Demure Vixen

All That Jazzy
A silvery gold metallic polish, a little more care is needed with the application of this polish as the brush stroke can be seen when dried. 2 coats were needed for full opacity but you can get away with 1 coat for a softer gold. I liked this colour more than I thought I would!

Pretty Peas
A mint green that I feel leans more to a light turquoise depending on the lighting. Like most pastels, I needed 2-3 coats to fully cover the patchiness. The extra work is worth it because this colour is beautiful and perfect for spring/summer.

Peri-Wink-Le of An Eye
Another one coater! 1 thick coat of this periwinkle beauty was all I needed, very impressed with this one as well. A good dupe for this shade is China Glaze Secret Periwinkle.

Cyantific Method
2 coats were needed for this vibrant blue. A good dupe is OPI No Room For The Blues.

The standouts of mine from these 7 shades were Condensed Milk and All That Jazzy for their colour and Peri-Wink-Le of An Eye for the formula. None of the shades were totally unique from any other collections I've seen but there are good basics shades in this collection plus I found that the polishes dried very shiny and no top coat was needed.

I can't speak for the 2 week wearability claim these polishes have because I change my polish every couple of days, but I can however note that I was about to easily remove the polish with both acetone and acetone free and I am happy to add that none of the polishes stained my nails.

wet n wild’s 1-Step Wonder Gel is chip resistant and 3-
Free with no Formaldehyde, Toluene and Phthalates, they are available at major food, drug and mass retailers beginning January 2016.

I usually don't like to post any pictures of myself but this selfie Mir and I snapped at the event was too cute not to share plus in case any of you were curious about what we look like, now you know ;)

Stay tuned for next time when I have 7 more swatches from Wonder Gel collection to share.


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    1. Isn't it such a lovely shade? They came out with so many great shades with this collection.