Sunday 7 February 2016

Orofluido Asia Kit Press Release

Happy Chinese New Year fellow readers! It's the year of the Monkey. For those of you who don't know, I am of Chinese descent and in the Chinese culture the new year is a big deal to us. We Chinese can get pretty superstitious during Chinese New Years, for example no cleaning/sweeping because you will be sweeping away your fortune, new clothes are to be worn on new years day because wearing old/damaged clothing can cause bad luck for the year and you are not to cut or wash your hair. The word hair in Chinese has the same pronunciation of the word wealth so it is seen has severing or washing away your wealth.

I thought this would be a great time to share a new product line from Orofluido.

"The brand Orofluido rediscovers ancient beauty secrets based on traditions and natural ingredients from the farthest parts of the world, transforming them into rituals and bringing richness back to hair. Orofluido is starting a new journey in Asia, providing their beauty secrets in our product. The zen way of beauty is the perfect balance of harmony, tame and control."

Their newest like is the Zen Beauty Ritual, specialized for all types of frizz-prone hair, it helps with frizz control and promotes elasticity and smoothness.

"An enticing blend based on treasured Asian ingredients with a soft texture and an exquisite fragrance specially mixed to stimulate the senses. Orofluido Asia has been formulated for women with dry, coarse, brittle hair who suffer from frizz, particularly in humid conditions."

The Zen Beauty Ritual line contains the zen control shampoo, conditioner, mask, and elixir. These products are ideal for achieving exceptional frizz control, elasticity and smoothness.

I'm most excited about the hair mask which helps repair damaged hair in need of TLC and conditioning. The ends of my hair tend to feel more dry and requires a little more attention. I think this mask will help hydrate and add a healthy shine to my mane. 

We received a press sample package of these products and will cover a more in depth review once we've had a chance to try out this products.

In the meantime, from my family to yours I like to wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year filled with happiness, health, luck and prosperity!

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