Wednesday 27 February 2013

Essie Sleek Stick

Hey Everyone,

A while ago, Essie offered a promotion to sample their new product Sleek Sticks, which is basically nail appliqués. I was pretty excited since I've never tried these types of products before.

I love their stickers and stones design! But in person, the 'stones' looked a bit too bubbled/foiled for my liking and I actually prefer their a to zebra design :)

Essie offers 12 designs pictured below:

photo credit:

Their sample included 2 stickers of 4 designs: a to zebra, sneak-e, don't cheetah on me and sticker and stones. 

The sample stickers don't really fit my fingers, my thumb is slightly too wide but the rest of my fingers are too narrow hehe, so I roughly tried it on my thumb because I'm lazy with clean up.
Application was easy enough. I just peeled, stuck it on and filed off the excess. At the base, it wasn't totally flat but after a bit of rubbing, it flatten itself out :)

Pictured here is sneek-e without a base coat, base colour or top coat.  I folded the tip then filed it off. You can't really see it but the edges aren't rough persay but it looks like it has tip wear.. Not bad for a first-timer right? :) 

The stickers are smooth and easy to apply, the price point is a tad high for my budget ($12.99 on so I am glad I have this sample to try it out first!

Did you get these in the mail also? How do you like them? :)

Monday 18 February 2013

My First Etsy Indie! Glitzology Blue Lagoon and Orly Shockwave

Hello all! Today I'm sharing a manicure I accidently fell in love with, why accidently? Well a while back I bought Orly Shockwave when it was on sale at Sally's. I liked the colour but thought it would look terrible against my skintone and give me lobster hands. But as a polish hoarder, I saw that it was cheap and I didn't own any royal blues at the time so I bought it and it has been sitting in my untried pile for a couple months now. So come Friday I really wanted to use Glitzology Blue Lagoon and needed a base colour and boy was I impressed with Shockwave. Not only was this colour super flattering it was so glossy after one coat of NYC topcoat. I seriously could not stop looking at my fingers.

I added an accent nail using Blue Lagoon. This was my very first indie polish brand I've purchased from Etsy. Stacy (the owner of Glitzology) has got to be one of the most nicest and dedicated sellers I've come across. Not only does she keep her store well stocked she goes well beyond her way to please her customers. From her Etsy listing she describes Blue Lagoon as so: 

"This polish has all shades of blue, from sky blue, to turquoise, all the way to navy. There's even some sage green thrown in for some extra kick! Blue Lagoon features a wide range for glitter shapes, including squares, hexes, bars, and diamonds in a variety of sizes to make for a very unique mixture."

Stay tuned for more posts featuring Glitzology polishes!

Stacy's full size polishes are sold for $8.50USD can be purchased on her Etsy page. I promise you will not be disappointed!