Monday 7 April 2014

KKCenterHk 15 Pieces Pink Handle Nail Art Nail Art Brush

Hello friends! First off I wanted to apologize for taking so long to write up this post. I had a time frame in mind but the brushes became misplaced when I was rearranging and moving my melmers awhile back. So for today, I finally have the KKCenterHk N.NAIL 15 Pieces Pink Handle Nail Art Nail Art Brush for review. This brush kit is priced at $13.50USD, comes in a plastic pouch and the smaller brushes all had a protective tubing over the bristles. 

Source: KKCentreHk
Source: KKCentreHk
Source: KKCenterHk

The set includes:
Pull Pen x2
Line Pen x1
Painting pen x1
Paint pen x 1
Spread pen x 4
Dot Pen x 1
Sketch Pen x1
Fan-shaped Pen x2
Gel Nail Pen x 2  

 Brush Pen Materials :  Synthetic Fibre
Synthetic fiber elastic texture, smooth surface, durable, easy to clean

Click to see some looks I created with the brushes

On the product page it is advised not to use nail polish remover to clean the brushes rather to use warm water and shampoo or shower gel. Shampoo and shower gel would work fine if you were using acrylic paint but I am not sure how effective it would be at cleaning polish. Instead I used non acetone remover to clean the brushes that had polish in them. I also suggest cleaning them as soon as possible to avoid the polish drying up and clumping the bristles together.

I was really pleased with the selection of brushes in the kit although I wish instead of doubles of some brushes there could been more different sized dot tools and thinner brushes for even more fine line. 
If you are a beginner in nail art, acrylic paint is the way to go. It is much easier to control and paint with and it dries a slower than some polishes. If you do decide to use polish to create designs I suggest thinning out the polish a little bit. Personally I found the polish to thicken up quickly making it super difficult for me to control or create a nice design without huge globs.

Here were a couple looks I created with a variety of the brushes (all taken from my instragram):


KKCenterHk offers worldwide shipping, shipping prices and times are dependent on where you are located. They not only sell nail items, they also have cosmetics, wigs, false eyelashes and clothing. They were extremely kind enough to give our readers a 10% coupon code. Just put the code ampolishes while checking out, this code is good until the end of the year!

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***This product was provided to us in exchange for an honest review***


  1. Cute! I think I have the pink brush set and I love them too! Definitely need to play around with them more though.