Saturday 26 April 2014

Fancy Mystery Box Review - $20

This post includes press samples and referral link.

Hey everyone,

Just in time for another Fancy Box review! Recently, Fancy introduced *new* mystery boxes to their line. It is a one-time non-refundable item. They have 3 price tiers, totalling 6 options.
At each tier of $10, $20, and $40, you get to pick whether you want a box curated for men or women.

Today I have for you, the $20 box for women..

I have received one other Fancy box and I was super pleased with it. If you missed my review, you can check it out here: Fancy Box Subscription - Kelly.
Most of the details of Fancy Box is the same, so I won't go into as much detail here on the box itself. But once again, super fast shipping, great packaging on fragile items and bonus points for another purple box ;).

Click below for the details!

In my box I received 3 items. Although, no beauty items (my weakness) I was quite content with the items. I'll definitely put everything to good use and the recipe book itself is already priced at $19.95 CAD / $18.95 USD.

The box I received contained a recipe book, a drink rock glass and portable speakers. My dad noted it was basically my day off in a dad jokes.

 Anyway...on to the good stuff!

1. Sprinkles! Recipes and Ideas for Rainbowlicious Desserts By Jackie Alpers. $18.95 USD

Adorable book filled with delicious and beautiful pictures. Will definitely have to try a few recipes but I know mine will not look like that haha. My dishes usually end up on pinterest fails! :P
There's a recipe for everyone! Some seem like quite a challenge, but some are as easy as putting ingredients together and then dipping it into sprinkles!
I included a few pictures of the inside as I was flipping through, so you'd get an idea of the layout and all the yummy goodness inside. But I apologize that I have to use my Note's camera so the images are not as crisp..also had to lighten them a bit...

2. Venice Rock Glass by Sisters of Los Angeles. $12 USD (Pack of 4 different ones $45)

Just a normal glass, bottom heavy, used for drinks.. It's hand-wash only due to the print. It's a nice glass, many uses if you don't drink.. to hold stuff etc. It's good as a souvenir too (many place options) but I've never been to Venice meaning for me! cute nonetheless.

3. Dual Cylinder Speakers by Thumbs Up!.  $28 USD (?? maybe.. found price on amazon)

Yay for portable speakers, I haven't tested them out yet but I was looking for a set to attach to my laptop for when the kids want to watch a movie and you know...max volume is not enough when they talk! lol. It's pretty big and it can't stand up on its ends. So I rest it on its On/Off buttons so it doesn't roll away. It has a matte-ish black finish, opens up to two individual speakers. Held together magnetically. Comes with cables to connect it to your computer or listening device.

Price Breakdown:
Box: $20 USD
Shipping to Canada: $19.95 USD
Total: $39.95 USD
Total Value: $58.95 USD (approx)

From other reviews, $50-60 is the average value in the medium mystery boxes. :)
As always, Fancy ships worldwide so check them out (& remember monthly subscription boxes are continuous!)

If you want to sign up for Fancy and subscribe to any of their curated monthly boxes, I have left a referral link for you!
Thanks in advance!

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P.S. It seems spring has finally sprung, I hope everyone is beginning to enjoy the warmer weather and nature in bloom :)



The products in this post was given to me in exchange of a review. All opinions were my own and was not affected in any way by Fancy.


  1. Love the baking book, I use to be a hardcore baking fanatic!

    1. Me too! Or I tried to be
      . Hopefully this boom n its amazing photographs will guide me to make nicer looking treats ;)