Wednesday 12 March 2014

Kinetics Hello, Ice Cream Spring/Summer 2014 Collection Part 2

Hello again friends! For those of you living in southern Ontario, I hope these spring and summer colours will distract you from the cruel joke mother nature has decided to play on us. Yesterday we had wonderfully mild temperatures and I could've done without my jacket but, I don't even know what to say except I'm glad I haven't put away my winter clothing yet.

Today I have the rest of the swatches from the Kinetics Nail Systems Hello, Ice Cream! Spring/Summer 2014 collection. In case you missed part 1 of this awesomely colourful collection, that post can be read here.

Here is what the company has to say about this collection:

"Hello, Ice Cream! collection consists of six beautiful and fresh colors. Inspired by the latest fashion trend of Pastel Neons, as featured on many designer runway shows - the wearable hues are a fun and practical way to embrace energy and playfulness.

Each of the unique six shades are drenched in color and charged with matte effect, uniquely created for tasteful degustations for all fashionistas."

Today I will be reviewing the three polishes on the left in the picture above, Pistachio Sorbet, Lemon Zest and Salty Caramel. I love all their media banners for this collection, the graphics and designs are so cute.

Click to see and read more!

Pistachio Sorbet
Pistachio Sorbet is a mint green polish, it leans towards the pastel side and was a little difficult to apply. I had to wait in-between coats before applying another layer otherwise the polish left bald spots. I used three layers to achieve opacity and there were still a couple small trouble areas. Mind you this was under direct sunlight which sometimes highlights every flaw with the polish on the nail.

Lemon Zest
Lemon Zest was another finicky polish, I had to wait until each layer dried before otherwise the polish got pretty streaky and would leave bald spots. I used three layers since I was taking pictures in direct sunlight but I think you can manage with two thick coats. Would you believe me if I told you this is the first time I've tried on yellow polish? I've always stayed away with yellows thinking it would look terrible with my skin tone but I have to admit it doesn't look that bad. Also, I'm not sure why the press release pictures of these polishes are so off. The actual colour of the polish is not as saturated but still very vibrant and bright.

Salty Caramel
The name of this polish is pretty deceiving, when I think caramel I think a nice shade of light toasty brown. Orange isn't exactly the first colour I'd come up when I think caramel. This polish was more opaque compared to the previous two. I used two layers to achieve opacity. In the press picture the polish looks more coral rather than orange, in reality the shade of the the orange is like an orange peel orange. I decided to try some nail art and spruce up my mani. This was the second time I've attempted roses so please excuse the pic spam...I was proud of the way they turned out :)

Each bottle is 15ml/ 0.5fl oz in size. The gold studs in the Pistachio Sorbet swatch and the black studs in the Lemon Zest swatch are from the Sally Hansen I <3 Nail Art Embellishment Studs Kit. The roses in Salted Caramel were made with Avant Garde Laqcuer Big Red Candle, Kinetics Lemon Zest, China Glaze Running in Circles and a generic white striper for the stripes.

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*** These products were provided in exchange for my honest review.***

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