Thursday 25 July 2013

Summer Dotticure

Hi Everyone,

Many apologies!!!! I am so backlogged at the moment and I am still quite busy with a situation! Don't miss me too much as I will be back regularly soon. Aside from the situation, Toronto had some heavy rains which lead to flooding in some parts and power outages in others. I was without power for a day and no internet for about 3, luckily my area was safe from flooding! Hope everyone was okay too =) Was anyone stuck on the GO and had to ride a boat out??

Anyway, today my post will be very lacking. Since I didn't bring my camera and my phone completely went haywire and died all weekend..ugh!!! I only have one picture of my manicure, since M&J (my friends) think I am obsessed and they shouldn't be fuelling my habit ahahah..
Confession: My phone contains MANY nail /nail art pictures.

The past weekend, I went camping and one of my friends told me to bring some polishes. So I grabbed a (coincidental) rainbow of colours + basic manicure tools there. At night, the 3 of us decided to do our nails. First we decided to do something plain since we were "roughing" it..
I picked Essie's Blanc (yes, this summer white is my go-to colour - I absolutely LOVE white polish)
M picked Essie's Rock the Boat + Essie's Butler Please as accent nails
J picked Quo By Orly's Hot Mess

M then suggested we do nail art, since I didn't have anything but a dotting tool with me.. I decided it would be fun to do a dotticure - it's easy and we can use a variety of colour.
I am going to leave ou M&J's combo since there's no pictures :P

Then my manicure - the one pictured here is...

First I did spaced out dots of Essie's Naughty Nautical & Essie's Butler Please.
Ps. Butler Please is not a good polish for dots, it's quite sheer and dries semi-matte.
We thought it was a bit plain so M suggested I add on Quo By Orly's Hot Mess. At first I was a bit skeptical but after I added it, I thought it was quite lovely and quite the punch of colour!

What do you think? Does this colour combo work??
What colour combos are you go-to for dotticures??
Can't wait to hear your responses :D

- Mir