Monday 29 July 2013

L'Oreal - He Red My Mind & Top Coat Matte (Matte Top Coat Comparison)

Today I have L'Oreal Paris He Red My Mind, a nice shimmering red and a Matte top coat comparison at the end! :)

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L'Oreal's He Red My Mind is a bright shimmering candy apple red with a subtle golden shimmer. On the nail you can't really see the golden shimmer but I left the bottle on its side for a few days and I noticed it. It was a 'wow' moment :)

lovely golden shimmer!

Red with a golden shimmer is quite a common combination but I still think it's pretty!

I can't really wear shades like this which is a shame because this colour is really pretty! Fortunately my mom will be happy since bright reds is one of her favourite shades to wear. She never understands when I say I don't like how reds look on me since she calls them 'classics'.

Anyway on to the pictures, not sure why but my camera picked it up more like a creme than a shimmer but I assure you, it's shimmer!!

This swatch was 2 coats, it is quite pigmented!!   I wish I could show you on my nail but I am scared you'll all cringe at my horrid cuticles haha   okay I took a random crappy on my phone for on the nail, just 2 coats :)

Dry time is really good - only about 2 minutes and it's dry to the touch :)

Matte Top Coat Comparison! I thought this would be a fun thing to do although I thought I had more matte top coats than this! Strangely I cannot find my N.Y.C cheapo one, nor my butter LONDON one :(. Also after testing my OPI must have rolled away somewhere.. my cold has definitely rattled my brain! I cannot find ANYTHING anymore!!! but please make do as I managed to take a photo of the other 3 topcoats :X

image taken from pinterest

So from left to right

I have
L'Oreal He Red My Mind (2 Coats) + Essie's Matte About You (1 Coat)
L'Oreal He Red My Mind (2 Coats) + OPI's Matte Top Coat (1 Coat)
L'Oreal He Red My Mind (2 Coats) + Warpaint Beauty's Mattify (d/ced) (1 Coat)
L'Oreal He Red My Mind (2 Coats) + L'Oreal's Top Coat Matte (1 Coat)
L'Oreal He Red My Mind on its own (2 Coats)

I tried to take a picture of the streakiness of some of the Matte Top Coats but not sure how well you can see them. I used arrows to pintpoint the areas..
Some of the matte topcoats streak the base even though it seemed opaque before, boo!

L'Oreal + Essie was the smoothest but the effect from all four of them were pretty similar.
Not sure why but OPI had a bit of streaking near the tip and Warpaint Beauty's has major streaking. I haven't wore them for a while and I noticed that Warpaint Beauty's matte top coat was kind of separated which my beauty go-to girls said it was pretty normal?!

Anyway, L'Oreal's Top Coat Matte preformed pretty well.
I personally do like matte manicures and due to it's small size I might leave this with my travel manicure kit!

Additional Info:

Essie Matte About You is 15 ml and priced at $10.99.
Essie is available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Wal-mart and various salons.

OPI Matte Top Coat is 15ml and priced at $8.99 - $10.00.
OPI is available at Target, various beauty supply stores and salons.

Warpaint Beauty Mattify is 15ml and discontinued.

L'Oreal Colour Riche nail colour is 11.7ml and priced at $6.99.
L'Oreal Colour Riche Top Coat Matte is 5ml and priced at $6.99.
They are available at most drug stores in North America.

***L'Oreal products were sent for review, others were purchased by me. Opinions are all my own.***

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