Sunday 29 October 2017

FACE Atelier: Lip Lock

press sample

I am sure many people have the same problem as me when wearing a lipstick, you're worried about transferring, smudging or always looking for a mirror to touch up! With Lip Lock, it's supposed to lock in your lip colour promising to prevent transfer and extending wearability. 

First impression, seems interesting, it has a water consistency and smells like minty mouthwash haha..

I tried this a few times over different types of lipsticks and I have to say, it worked better on the normal tubed lipstick.

When you first put it on, I am not going to STINGS. So.. don't say I didn't warn you.. haha
It dries down to a slightly shiny finish almost like a shellac finish. It feels a bit tight but it really doesn't transfer. I tried it on top of Marc Jacob's slow burn..I don't really know about the extending wearability as I think it only lasted about 3-ish hours and it looked like the same wear I usually got..

This was also tested on top of a NYX lip lingerie and it was pretty horrible to be honest. It balled up and crumbled the lipstick. It had to be removed and reapplied without the lip lock. I am not sure if it was because it was a liquid lipstick, or if it was applied right after causing a reaction? It is alcohol based so.. maybe?

One more thing I want to talk about is the applicator, it's like a nail polish brush and it does pick up some of the lipstick as you apply. I didn't notice at first but it deposits it into the bottle so you get a bit of sediment, it doesn't really bother people but just a heads up for some people..

Overall, it works well cover normal tubed cream lipstick, allowing it to last a bit longer than average and less smudging than without. On liquid it pills up the lipsticks and didn't work well..

Lip Lock 3.8ml / $24 on their website. Assuming this is CAD as they ship out of AB. :) 

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