Monday 25 March 2013

Club Nail Polish - Review

Hi Everyone!

before you start, I'd like to apologize for my bad nail pictures, they have been so bad all winter *hides*

Club Nail Polish sent a review package for their upcoming subscription service.

I was pretty excited waiting for this package.
But when I got it, I have to be honest. I was a bit underwhelmed.

Find out why under the break.

1. I received OPI Brights Power from Mod About Brights collection from I think 2008

  • so I got a colour from an old collection
  • I got a colour that doesn't really work with my skintone *
quick swatch: 1-2 coats, no base/top coat [No Flash]

quick swatch: 1-2 coats, no base/top coat [With Flash]

*this point isn't really their fault, I think they do ask you what colours you dislike so I don't see this problem in the future.
That's all part of the 'surprise' nail polish I would receive so things like this would always be a hit or miss. It's still something I want to point out. Getting something you like is obviously going to make the surprise better. Kind of like Christmas morning, but you open your present and it's a textbook. LOL that kind of feeling. At least it's a colour I don't have and it's pretty opaque.

2. The extras are not exciting & any nail polish 'addict' already have an abundance of nail files and cotton pads...

3. I may be the only one, but I expected something fun..or festive? With a motto like " It's like candy for your nails" it sounded like there would be something exciting or even candy as an extra! ps. I know how much most of us love a little something sweet with our packages :)
These are their first packages and will be the first glimpse / impression people will see of CNP, so I feel like they're lacking a little. 

Ok, so from what was previously advertised, I thought we were to be getting the newest collections out there. I noted some of my fellow bloggers received the newer OPI's Euro Centrale Collection or (so jealous) China Glaze's Hologram polishes up for review...! so that's nice for them...

Some feedback and thoughts on this subscription service is....:

I like the packaging, it's flashy, there are many colours and it's pretty exciting to receive in the mail!
I like the concept, nail polish subscription, heck yes! A girl can never get too many polishes in her life. But that's kind of where this ends.

holy moly, 12.58$! 
Unfortunately, I don't really see this subscription being feasible at the moment without a few adjustments. One of the biggest concern for me is the shipping rates / cost. From CNP to me is already a whopping 12.58 (some girls got theirs for 7.50, but still!!!).
 Let's also add in HST & fuel surcharge, cost of polish, manual labour, envelope and their 'extras'... what would they charge to cover all these expenses.. 20$?? 25$?? then what if in the future - lost packages, broken polishes, late deliveries (so change to express, priority..??)) then what do they need to charge 30?? 35?? .. although I am just thinking worst case scenario. 

Which brings us to my next concern.. how we value this subscription...

 As some may know, I can easily get OPI / ESSIE for about 5-6$.. other people can get it fairly cheap as well. If CNP has to charge 20$ (let's use this as the example)..
who would pay that much for a 'secret' OPI/ESSIE/CHINA GLAZE, when we can pay a fraction of the price for a colour we want..

The extras, there wasn't any "oomph" in the delivery. Maybe other than my friend who received a China Glaze Hologram, not many people were happy with their package. Yes, they got one polish but then they look on to see 3 mini nail files and 3 cotton pads...

The nail files I like but others mentioned, may not be the quality they need / want, but the cotton pads..yes it's a necessity but it's not great as an extra. I'll be honest: looks cheap.

This company is new and I think it was a nice gesture to send out blogger packs to get some feedback. It is important that we do give constructive feedback so we can watch this company change and improve into a feasible subscription service. I may be bias but Canadian companies have a special place with me, so I definitely want CNP to become a success. I want them to start off on the right foot and listen to what their customers have to say.
We all had our share of seeing companies not meet our needs then we feel like we're not being heard. We've had companies ban us for questioning them and voicing our opinions. I want CNP to be different. I don't want them to be like *cough* and charge $10 only realizing it can't be done then raise their prices to a ridiculous amount and make us angry people..! 

That's why I think the feedback you have for them today before they even launch is SUPER important and I will appreciate any and all feedback (as long as it's not vulgar / not constructive) given!!

I pointed out a few pros and cons of this company but I am sure I may missed a few points and will be glad to hear some feedback. Comment Below!!

Stay Happy


This package was sent for review, but does not affect my content. All opinions made were by me.


  1. Very fair and honest review :) Great post!

    1. thank you! I think a honest review will allow the company to go back to the drawing board and come up with a concept that is even better!

  2. Great post !!! They are very lucky if they have a blogger like you to review their the most honest opinion, and tell them how to win the customer heart. hoping that they will do better in the future.

    1. Thank you!! I was quite worried on what to say and thought a long while before posting. I am hoping they get a sense of what we would like and try to make that feasible in the future :)

  3. Thank you for your review. I agree - the packaging is great but the contents were underwhelming and I wouldn't consider paying more than $10 tops (including shipping, etc) for what you received. A little more personalization and thought about extras is needed.

    I too appreciate the honest feedback and hope they take that into consideration when assembling their packages.

    1. thank you for your feedback rocyn!
      I would also think a 10$ range is the max of what people value it is, that's why my biggest concern was the s/h price: 12.58$ already surpasses the limit.

  4. Great review, but honestly if I wanted a 2008 polish I'd check out Winners and then I could actually pick the color I want for less than this subscription will likely be. And yes the 3 cotton pads do look cheap! Would have been more impressive with 1- a polish from a new recent collection, 2- a nail art tool of some sort, 3- candy/chocolate/nail stickers or something else "fun". Doesn't look like much thought was put into these blogger packages but maybe the company can take these suggestions and turn things around? They will have to find cheaper shipping as well.

    1. Thank you Tara for your feedback!! I hope they DO take into consideration that you, I and many others have said!

  5. Great review Mir! I linked to yours in my review! I agree right now it isn't feasible and I was a little underwhelmed at the package. I'm also seeing that they have no launch date in sight and no price point set in stone so I think it was a little premature to be sending out blogger promo packages. Because we really couldn't give much information to our readers.
    :) Chelsey

    1. Thank you Chelsey.
      Yes I agree,, some of the bloggers didn't even get a letter.. but on it there is not much more we can divulge to our readers.. more like CNP wanted feedback from us.. there are many things they need to know..

      I can understand why they are not giving out a price point / launch date.
      Basically I think they do not know themselves lol...I think they want bloggers to give them tips on if this package even works before promising others what they can't deliver .. I think this is a smarter approach but they did not say it like that so I think others feel frustration ..

  6. I think it's great to give an honest, in depth review like this. I would not be interested in this subscription based on this review. Thank you for keeping us informed!

    1. thank you Rachel, for various reasons, I also believe they need to change before becoming something of interest.. :)

  7. Great review Mir. I think they are going to have to charge way too much to keep this subscription afloat. I can see it benefiting people who live in very remote areas but that is about it.

    1. Thanks Kim..!
      I also cannot at the moment see a wide demographic for them. Hopefully it will change :)