Saturday 30 March 2013

Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment

Hi Everyone!!

So recently I broke all my nails ( I don't even know how!) and trimmed them super duper short or as best I can, since my pointer actually ripped!  :(!! Look how bad they are, I don't even want to show them bleh...(ew!!!)

I decided this would be the perfect time to try Julep's Oxygen Nail Treatment.
My nails are pretty brittle and tend to peel due to my years of nail biting, gel manicures etc.

love the frosted bottle look!

Would this be the solution to all my problems..?

sadly.. no.

First, the instructions were kinda vague, do I put a coat on each day or do I put on a coat and remove each day and reapply or put it on and leave it...??? (LOL! I am very inexperienced with these treatment applications!)

I went to Julep's Facebook page and asked and I was told to put on 2-3 layers  and leave it for 6 days.. then remove & repeat.

Anyway, I put it on and hoped for the best!..

It was a nice soft pink and wasn't streaky at all.

The first 6 days seemed fine but there was not much growth but there was no peeling!!
So I tried for the 2nd time, giving my nails more time to actually grow out & see if the treatment was the 10th or so day I was washing my hands and my nails just peeled!! Like split a big chunk :( SO SAD.
Then other parts of my nails starting showing up more opaque white which usually means they're splitting/peeling.


My camera didn't really want to focus on my sad nails so only one picture but you can see how badly it peeled :(

so back to nubbins my nails go!

I have heard success stories with Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment, so I hope it works for you!
Have you tried this treatment yet..? How did you like it??

Stay Happy!



  1. Omg! That's exactly what happened to me!!

  2. Omg! That's exactly what happened to me!!

  3. This happened to me as well, not impressed!

  4. uh my nails r the same *sad face*

  5. That happened to me by their BASE COAT, got middle finger like that peeling after a few times painted. Luckily only one finger got that and there are never happened in my life. I think their formula should make a change.

  6. I am sad to hear it happened to a bunch of us!! Hope we find our 'miracle' cure soon!
    - Mir

  7. Exactly what happened to my nails. Was naive enough to try this a couple times. Lost weeks of nail growth. Trimmed and filed back past te chipping/flaking. Applied a different ail treatment and after several days with no probs, it has become crstal clear that the Oxygen s the real problem!