Sunday 24 March 2013

L'Occitane - gift from promotion

Hi everyone!!

Recently L'Occitane had a Facebook promotion to sign up to receive a free 10ml hand cream but it was upgraded to a 30ml hand cream ($12 value!!) and 15% off when you go and pick up the cream!

There were three choices to pick from: Shea Butter, Lavender and Pivoine Flora.
They ran out of the Lavender so I picked their original Shea Butter :)

The saleslady there was SO amazing! Because they ran out of the Lavender scent she also gave me a packet sample to try. On top of the 30ml cream + packet sample she also threw in MORE samples!
I was like "Really? Samples upon samples?" hehe and she packaged it so nicely!
I love the sticker and the cute paper bag!

I just want to thank L'Occitane for giving out such an awesome promotion! I haven't been out much since I'm sick so I haven't used much of the cream yet. But it goes on pretty smooth and the scent of the shea butter is really subtle. My hands were smooth that whole day when I went to try out their scents before picking out Shea Butter. Perfect for Canadian winter weather!

They have tons more scents and other products available at their website if you want to check it out at

I like their new spring cherry line, it's a bit strong but smells amazing. I may go revisit L'Occitane real soon!

ps. I want to thank Aldrin who helped me out when the promo didn't show up in my email!  & my brother for driving me to Yorkdale for no other purpose!! I know he probably could have spent his time better but yay <3


  1. I never went and got mine as I had got one from a friend so i figured that made up for it and i was just to lazy to head over the pick it up! Silly me i know lol .. The creams are amazing!


    1. haha Ashley, it was my first time getting to know the brand and I frequently went to Yorkdale so I figured why not!
      they are great!