Thursday 7 March 2013

Girly Bits - P.S. I Love You Collection

Hi Guys,

Today I have a short post for you.
Recently I've been having bad luck with the mail... I received a big box of EMPTY. Sadly waited SO long for this package only to receive only the wrappers and packing cheetos :(. This makes me so sad, and I am not the only victim which sucks even more!! I'll discuss later because actually this post, I want to say something nice..!

Recently Girly Bits, a lovely CANADIAN indie company held a contest to win her P.S. I Love You Collection. It's a beautiful trio which includes a PURPLE HOLO!! (yes my favourite of all polish types!!) I was so excited to enter and with the help of my lovely friends I won! :D

I just want to thank ALL my friends who I always bug and spam with the multitude of posts I make hehe :P

Today I included some lovely bottle shots of this collection: I just LOVE IT!

Pam Heil of Girly Bits released P.S. I Love You in memory of her dear friend's mother Doris Sewell Rudeen. 
Girly bits with her new labels :)

lovely aren't they?

Twitterpated - strong purple holographic with light purple foil and pink shimmer
A Mother's Love - a glitterbomb w/ pink and gold glitters of various shapes & sizes, gold shimmer and hearts, like a mother's love it's fully packed and full of awesome! <3 
Hot Shot - a weaker hot pink holographic

click for larger pictures! With flash :)

click for larger pictures! Without flash :)
You can check out Girlybits here:

You can purchase this collection here:

Currently Girly bits is celebrating their 6000 Facebook likes with a giveaway, please go check it out and say congrats!! :)

Stay tuned for some long overdue posts coming right up :) My nails and cuticles are still healing but I can't wait!! 

Stay Happy !



  1. twitterpatted... saw swatches and fainted ;)

    1. I know! there's something about purple holographic polish that makes me swoon! - Mir

  2. twitterpatted looks gorgeousssss!!
    congrats on winning the contest but i am so sad about your box of empty wrappers :(

    1. Thank you Helen! & me too :( sometimes need to take the bad with the good!! Hopefully someone else is putting them to good use lol!

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  4. I like A Mother's Love....would make a nice mothers day gift to....which is this Sunday (10th of March) here in the UK.....

    1. This collection is definitely a good choice for Mother's Day especially with the wonderful meaning behind it :)

  5. Twitterpated is awesome!! I am requesting a swatch of it! Its so gorgeous !

    1. hehe, it's beautiful!!! my nails are a wreck atm sadly! I cannot wait for it to grow out and do it some justice!!! ;) - Mir

  6. Ohhh noooo Mir! I need that purple holo! Today I'm wearing Pretty Polished yah!! Aussie polishes ftw!