Sunday 10 March 2013

club nail polish update.

Hey girls!

We are jumping for joy~!    (source:

ClubNailPolish is doing their pre-launch and they asked a few Canadian bloggers first to do a little review. They said they wanted blogs with traffic but I tried my luck anyway!

 I signed up and got confirmation that we were picked!! Yay, we are definitely honoured to be picked since we're a tiny blog.

We are super duper excited and we want to thank our readers for making this possible :)!!

A special thank you to my friend Kathleen Foster!! ^___^ who shared the post since for some reason my newsfeed didn't show up!

Stay Happy!

- M


  1. Woohoo!! Congrats! Looking forward to seeing some pretty nails!

    1. thanks Sam! hope my nails grow out soon, i gave up on Julep's oxygen treatment! :P - Mir