Wednesday 21 August 2013

VIB Rouge Starter Kit


Having to admit I spent $1000 already in this it even something I should announce ahaha..?
What did I even buy?? I became a member of VIB Rouge. Sephora's newest and highest status aka screaming at everyone that I am a beauty junkie and probably spend too much (is that even possible?) at Sephora!! haah.. but yes I am and I've spent well over that amount, probably don't even want to disclose this lol...

but anyway you can trade in your silver card for a spanking new red one.
Your card comes in this fancy black box sleeve.

and when you slide it open, there's an info card welcoming you "to the top".

Lift that open and you see your contents, a card and a lipstick.

This awesome VIB Rouge package sadly does not include a 10% off card but includes a mini Bite lipstick in a Sephora exclusive red. It's pretty dark and I shockingly have to say I like it!..
Bite goes on really smooth and pigmented, I want to try on other colours before raving lol.

Other benefits include:

  • MY FAVOURITE : Free shipping on all orders online WOOT WOOT!!!!!
  • Surprise gifts (We'll see about that...)
  • Full unlimited access to the beauty studio.. I never really use this but they do have a new IQ foundation matcher demo going on which I might try out!
  • Exclusive events
  • & all the other benefits you get from being a VIB aka free samples, exclusive offers and bday presents.
Honestly, I'm just excited for free shipping without having to hit a minimum! Usually I never see free samples or local events so.... we'll see..

Are you a VIB Rouge yet? Don't think it's as hard as it is to obtain as you think..$1000 easily flies out of your pocket at Sephora ahahah!!!!

Status automatically gets updated, you can pick it up at a store or it should pop up online during check out.

ps. there were the special 5000 / 10000 point perks but I won't talk about those since it's over and it caused me heart break.. because if I knew (since I asked a million times before) I wouldn't have spent sooo many of my points on the other packages :( and I didn't really use those items either sad!!!!!

Until next time,