Monday 12 August 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Nail Art (Roses)

After my nail art attempts in the other post - link here, I watched a video shown on Catrice's website on how to do a floral design. Then I thought why not use Sugar Coats to do '3D-ish' flowers??!

It was pretty fun but as a tip, after every "C" shape, redip your brush into the polish to pick up the 'sugar' particles or it won't be gritty enough!

Materials needed:
  • Base polish colour - I did 3 colours to show how the design would work on different colours
  • Sally Hansen Sugar Coat's Cherry Drop
  • Sally Hansen Sugar Coat's Cotton Candies
  • Sally Hansen Sugar Coat's Sweetie
  • Sally Hansen Sugar Coat's Sour Apple
  • Little dish with acetone / nail polish remover
  • Cotton Pad
  • Scrap Paper
  • Thin Paint Brush
Click for Instructions


I started off with 2 coats each of the base colours I wanted to test it on. From left to right I used: OPI - Malaga Wine, L'Oreal - After Hours and Essie - Blanc. Make sure these coats are dried before doing your art or else the colours blend (you can kind of see it below when After Hours bled into my Cherry Drop oops).

Then taking Cherry Drop, I put two drops onto a scrap piece of paper. It's just a lot less messier when done this way :). I always use two drops per colour.

scrap paper is good for easy clean up and removing excess!

Taking your thin paint brush, dip into the Cherry Drop and using "C" strokes, stroke in the petals. I left huge spaces inbetween so I could do pink colours as well.

Usually I do two C strokes and between it a small tilted C (the thing that looks like a dot). It's a bit hard to explain so I hope my 'awesomely' drawing makes it easier to understand. There's two ways I did it :).

Remember, rinse your brush inbetween colours  :). Then wipe clean on cotton pad.

After rinsing, I did the same C strokes with Cotton Candies to make pink flowers.

Next, I took Sweetie and dotted the middle of the flowers. Some I added a little drag to make oblong shapes to fill in some space.

Lastly, Pick a side (usually I pick where the two big Cs meet) to draw on the leaves. using Sour Apple I painted on some leaves - which is a dot plus a drag. I need more practice w/ this step. You can do one side or both - depends how much space I have.


and Voila :P "3D" floral nails. 

Nail art is pretty fun despite my lack of skill lol. Are you going to give it a try?



*All polishes were purchased by me.

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