Tuesday 20 August 2013

FACE Stockholm - Friendship Veil Lipstick

This will be the beginning of a few posts featuring FACE Stockholm :).
I am going to start off by saying.. I am totally biased! I absolutely love love love their products!
Thanks to Wantable & FACE Stockholm, I have quite a few of their products, all tried and all loved!! <3

You may remember a while ago, I wrote a post about their holographic polish - Thea! If not check it out here: Click here to check out THEA :D


Today we have one of their Veil Lipsticks In Friendship Veil. Veil lipsticks  is one of their more subtle formulas giving a 'sheer wash of moisturizing colour'. Even so, I think it provides good colour coverage. On their website, the swatch seemed a bit more coral but it's definitely more red like my swatches. 

Depending on how heavy your application or if you do the blotting technique you can get your desired coverage. First picture, left we have 1 normal swipe of the lipstick, on the right we have 2 swipes of the lipstick.

Below, on the left of the hand it has a total of 3 swipes, as you can see it's still a bit sheer but has a rich watermelony pink/red colour! On the right is a faint blot of the lipstick. This will give you really light coverage, which I think is good for anyone since it only 'reddens' your lips ever so slightly! That is my choice on how to apply it since my bottom lip is pinker than my top.

Have you tried any FACE Stockholm items yet??
I can't wait to share with you other ones!!

Size: 3.4 g / 0.12oz (on packaging) - 4.2g / 0.14oz (on website)
Price: $22

I linked their website above but if you want to check out their Facebook you can click here.

Until next time,


This product was given in exchange for my honest opinion / review.

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