Monday 19 August 2013

Nail Art: Marble Dots

Hi Everyone,

something random today hehe.. I don't know what this is really so I called it marble dots!

Now I've always wanted to try marbling but I hate the clean up because usually when I am doing my nails, it's about 3 am in the morning :P.

I saw on ASK Cosmetic's Facebook page a blogger's photo of a ombre dotticure which used 2 shades of a colour (ie. navy and sky blue).
I picked up China Glaze - Aquadelic and American Apparel - Malibu Green. Ignoring the discolouration of AA they have a bigger difference in shade but my camera couldn't pick it up!

I thought that was neat so I wanted to attempt it!

Materials needed:

  • Base colour
  • Two colours you want to 'swirl' together any combination can be done!!!
  • Dotter tool
  • Scrap paper or art palette (anything to hold your polish droplets)

First I painted my base colour which is Essie - Blanc. Pretty much my go to white at the moment. Just look how amazing it looks in the picture underneath!

I did my usual droplets on paper but accidentally it was too close and they stuck together. Then the idea popped up... let's swirl it!!

So after swirling a bit, I redipped my dotter tool and made dots on the nails.. and viola.. marble nails!

I need to practice a bit more so the dots don't turn out like huge globs but how do you like them? :)

What other colours would you mix together?



  1. I like this! A new take on the dotticure.

  2. Cute! I have never checked out A.A polishes before, hmmm, must take a stroll to the store next time I go out lol

  3. oo I bought them from a blog sale and they were pretty good! I also bought a few when they used to have groupons haha.. being a cheapo i am :P - Mir