Sunday 23 June 2013

Marc Jacobs Beauty Preview

Hi Everyone,

credit: WWD

I received an e-mail preview of Marc Jacobs upcoming beauty line. I am quite excited!!

Click below for more information

Save the date: The ENTIRE Marc Jacobs Beauty line will be available at Sephora & exclusive Marc Jacobs stores by August 9th.

Here's a few screenshots of some upcoming products!
Sorry the eyeliner was in the midst of changing when I screen-capped hahaah!

If you want to subscribe, WWD has revealed the beauty collection :)
But if you don't, Fashionista has a slideshow of products.. OR look below :)
Courtesy of the two sites:

my favourite shot; nail polish!!!

At the moment you can follow the news on their twitter
There is also a countdown here :

related article with more information:


  1. ouu the lipgloss looks like hourglass :P

    1. :) I actually haven't seen the hourglass ones, will go and check it out! - Mir

  2. Replies
    1. me too, cannot wait to see it in person!