Friday 28 June 2013

Love & Beauty's Mint + Quo by Orly's Trash Glam

Today I have a simple manicure but one that I think I will wear over and over again (with a different base thoough lol) :D

I know Orly's Sparkling Garbage is really hit right now and for good reason! It's SO pretty! Okay, maybe I am biased - I really like holos and a green scattered holographic glitter is thumbs up in my book :)

Orly isn't all that easy to buy here so I was hoping Quo by Orly would release its "Canadian cousin" It's what I call dupes that Orly makes for the Quo by Orly line hahah. To my excitement, they did! They called this one Trash Glam... still as funny as Sparkling Garbage - really who comes up with these names? It makes me think if Oscar the Grouch wore eyeshadow - this would be the colour haahha can you imagine? :P Anyway the application was great, perfect coverage and smooth in 1 coat.

do you see the streakiness? :( 
I used Love & Beauty's Mint as base.. I ordered online and it came with an effed up brush. I wanted to ask for a replacement brush and they just told me to get a refund which would mean I had to mail it back for 4$ hmm no thanks .... The formula was also quite watery, but not the good watery kind like Sally Hansen. In my manicure I had to use 3 layers and it was STILL patchy and streaky lol.. I never had problems with L&B before but have only tried layering glitters so :(
Oh, and don't even get me started about their names haha, it's horrible!

The pictures in the post are:
1 coat Essie's Grow Faster
THREE coats of Love & Beauty's Mint (& still clear)
1 coat of Quo by Orly's Trash Glam (w/ touch ups)
1 coat of China Glaze's Fast Forward Top Coat

blurry to see its glittery goodness

yes this was a THICK manicure so it only lasted about 2 days... Overall, it was really pretty, I will definitely find another mint colour as base..

Quo by Orly (14 mL / 0.48 fl oz.)is exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart for $10.99.
Love & Beauty (14 mL / 0.47 fl oz.) is exclusive to Forever21 for $3.80.

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  1. This looks to be similar if not identical to Sparkling Garbage. I have Sparkling Garbage and I have layered it over OPI Jade is the New Black and it turned out gorgeous. I'm going to have to try it over a lighter green.

    1. Trash Glam is pretty much Orly's Sparkling Garbage's Canadian sister! lol I don't have the Orly.. but from what I've seen, they seem to be the same.. just repackaged =)