Tuesday 18 June 2013

Cult Cosmetics Review Part 1: Lychee Glam

Hi friends! I'm finally connected back onto to the internet...my internet has been down since Thursday night and it was beyond frustrating trying to get re-connected.

Today I have a nail kit from Cult Cosmetics to share with you all. Cult Cosmetics, also known as Nasty Nails is an online shop that sells nail polish, nail accessories and nail art kits. I would say their nail kits are the main products of the company. These kits include all the polishes/accessories/tools needed to achieve certain nail art looks. Currently, the site overs over 20 different kits to choose from! These kits are described as "Exclusive Designer Nail art Kits" and contain polishes from brand name companies like OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Seche Vite, Color Club etc.

I should also mention that these kits are very reasonably priced for what you're getting. Kits range from 9.99 to 24.99, all kits come with full sized polishes the number of polishes varies from how simple or complex the design is. So given that Essie and OPI nail polishes around here go for well over $10 in retail stores I would say the value of the kits cannot be beat. The kits come with the polishes bubble wrapped and sealed inside a zip-lock bag. Each kit also comes with an awesome Cult Cosmetics sticker. We were sent 2 kits to review, the Lychee Glam kit and the Inspired by: Beyonce Kit.

Lychee Glam Kit

The kit I am reviewing today is the Lychee Glam kit.

Photo Source: Cult Cosmetics

Lychee Glam is priced at $18.99 and includes:

Essie Haute as Hello, Blanc and Licorice
3 brushes of varying length
Gold glitter

I would most definitely classify myself as a nail art newbie, I hardly do any nail art as I find it pretty intimidating. I thought this kit was perfect for me. Simple yet glamorous. I did struggle a bit getting crisp lines on my thumb and pinkie but with a bit of patience I think I did a decent job re-creating the chevron look. In their products page it appears that the glitter they used was a lot more finer, the glitter I received were larger in size and I had difficulty achieving complete opacity. The glitter could be placed individually to create a more even look/coverage but I get impatient quickly and the idea of placing glitters one at a time seemed pretty daunting to me. A glitter taming topcoat like Seche vite or Essie Good to Go would be necessary to seal the glitters in place. Both of which can be purchased on the Cult Cosmetics site.

For more intricate designs there are video tutorials to help guide you along the way. Lychee Glam was pretty fool proof. Here are the steps I took to achieve my Lychee Glam manicure :
  1. 2 layers of Haute as Hello on my index and ring finger
  2. 2 layers of Blanc on my thumb and pinkie
  3. 2 thick coats of Licorice on my middle finger
  4. While Licorice was still wet I dunked my finger into the gold glitter, tapped away the excess and patted the glitter down while pushing the tip and sides for a tidy edge
  5. Using the shortest brush (I found I had more control with the brush with the shortest bristles) I painted two points with Licorice and carefully filled them in
  6. Finally, I sealed everything off with a topcoat :)
Here is my recreated Lychee Glam manicure, what do you guys think...did I nail it?

Shipping is free for orders over $40, otherwise it's $5 to ship. I received my package in less than a weeks time which is pretty darn fast for shipping to Canada from the US.

Would these nail art kits interest you? Which one one would you like to try?
Be sure to check out the Cult Cosmetics site or their Facebook page.

Hope you've enjoyed my post,

***Products were generously sent for review, opinions are my own***


  1. ouu these kits seem like a great way to start out with nail art! and the tools come with it too?!?!

    1. All the tools come in the kit, so awesome!


  2. Annie they look awesome on you! Great job !

  3. This is a cute kit! Id prefer to buy the colour separately though since I already have a few blacks and whites :p
    Just wondering, Ive always been interested in these brush tools but how do you clean them? like with acetone? lol

    1. I used non acetone polish remover to clean the brushes to be on the safe side. Acetone could eventually wear down the bristles over time...but I think that also depends on the material of bristle. I'm kind of a newb to this stuff, but hope I helped. haha