Saturday 29 June 2013

L'Oreal Paris: My First Pictorial!

Hey guys! Woohoo it's finally a long weekend here in Canada. Too bad mother nature didn't get the memo, looks like most of the weekend will be rainy. I decided I wanted to do a cheerful and bright manicure to cure me of the gloomy rain. I ended up creating a pictorial for you guys which I hope you'll enjoy. For those of you who do pictorials on a regular basis, hats off to you. This was my first one and I was obsessing over getting the polish to look perfect. Let me know what you think and if Mir and I should post more of these pictorials.

Recently Mir and I received some products from L'Oreal Paris Canada to try out and I decided to do a scalloped nail with a couple colours we received. The first time I tried the scalloped look I was so surprised at how ridiculously easy it was. Nail art has never been my strong point, I love looking at nail art, I like to try nail art but it usually ends up looking like a hot mess. Anyways, I thought I'd try the scalloped look again and create a simple tutorial to share with you all.

All the polishes I used in this mani were from L'Oreal Paris:

Now You Sea Me - A muted robin's egg blue creme polish. Beautiful colour, but difficult to work with. I found the polish to be very sheer and I needed 3 coats to achieve opacity. The polish did dry quite quickly so that makes up for the layers I needed to eliminate patchiness.

Royalty Reinvented -  A serene lilac purple creme polish from their Spring 2013 Trendsetter Collection. Lovely colour, lovely application. I only needed one layer of this product to achieve opacity on top of the base colour. Excellent dry time as well.

Members Only - Another colour from the Spring 2013 Trendsetter Collection, this polish is a lovely vibrant almost neon like fuchsia pink polish. When used alone it could pass as a one coater but because I had on multiple colours it ended up a little sheer and in some pictures you can see Royal Reinvented showing through.

Click to see written steps and more pictures!

Written Steps:
  1. Apply your base colour
  2. With your second colour swipe a straight line, try to do it in one fluid stroke
  3. With the same colour swipe again, a little shorter than the first stroke
  4. Swipe one more time, again a little shorter than that last stroke (I messed up a little on this one)
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 using your third colour. And you're done!

  • If you are trying this for the first time you might have better luck using brushes with a round end. This will easily create the round scallops.
  • If you hate cleaning up after a manicure like me, try using tape around your nail to protect the skin.
  • Try not to have too much or too little product on your brush. Too much product will flood the cuticle and take a long time to dry. Too little product increases the chances of you going over the area again and again to achieve opacity.
  • I found the polish I used for the top layer of scallops shrank a little, wrapping your tips will help eliminate that.

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche nail polishes are 0.39fl oz/11.7ml and are available in most drugstores across North America, prices varying from store to store.

Hope you've enjoyed my post, have a happy and safe long weekend fellow Canadians!


***Products were generously sent for review, opinions are mine and unbiased.***


  1. ohh fun! It's so graphic and seems simple enough for me to do :D

  2. Thank you for the awesome tutorial!!! I'm gonna try this next!