Thursday 6 June 2013

Indie Spotlight: LynBDesigns

Hey everyone! Today I have another awesome indie brand I'm dying to share with you guys. Now being from Canada I usually feel pretty left out when it comes to indies. Either the shipping is outrageous or the polish is never consistently in-stock. But fear not, LynBDesigns offers a huge range of polishes that are always in-stock, very fairly priced and won't charge an arm and a leg for shipping. Based out of Michigan, Jenna creates incredibly creative polishes inspired by various movies, books, TV shows etc. Her shop also sells perfumes, lip balms, cuticle oils and some jewelry items.

For Canadian/International orders Jenna does ask that you email her directly about purchases so that she can create a custom listing for you. I found that Jenna answered my emails very quickly and was a pleasure to communicate with. I was so pleased with the polishes I received!

Don't Torture Me!
From LynBDesgins' Princess Bride Dwean Wiffim a Dweam collection, this polish is is a beautiful creamy burple leaning more towards a lilac side. This was how it was described on the products page:

"Based on the albino torture master, this polish is a light blurple with white flakies."

It contains very dainty white flakies, they almost have like a translucent quality to them. I felt that the flakies were very demure and weren't in your face, you would notice them if you looked very closely at the polish. I achieved opacity with 3 thick coats and it dried very smooth. No glitter grit at all! I had difficulty capturing the flakies, but regardless this is a knockout of a polish.

Artificial lighting, you can see the flakies a bit better here.

Little Foot
From the The Land Before Time collection, Little Foot is described as:

"...a purpley grey crelly base with small white hexes, and various silver glitters. I wanted this polish to be muted and a little sad. Simply because Little Foot doesn't exactly have an easy journey."

I know I've watched the movie before but I cannot for the life of me remember what happens. But you don't have to have seen the movie to appreciate this polish. It is my top 2 from the 5 I got. It sort of reminds me of OPI Pirouette My Whistle and Nubar White Polka Dots but in a creamy jelly dusty purple base. Due to the crelly (cream jelly) quality the polish is on the sheer side but can be easily opaque with a base colour. I love love love how muted the glitters look. I used three coats in my swatches below and it dried very smooth.

Everyone Needs A Thneed
From the Many Colors of Seuss collection Everyone Needs a Thneed is inspired by the character the Lorax. On the products page it is described as: 

"...a very light pink polish with all sorts of pink glitters. Including neon pink hexes"

My pictures ended up being a bit more pink than what the actual polish colour is. Again, I used 3 coats in my swatches below. The 3rd coat used only to even out bald patches. The polish went on smooth, dried smooth and absolutely won me over. This one is my favourite from the bunch. I really like the look of glitter in crelly bases but I sometimes find that how the polish looks in the bottle is not how it looks on the nail. This polish however is ah-mazing, I felt that the base did not suffocate the glitter. It provided a nice base colour without completely washing the glitter. I also love the pop of the neon pink, Jenna really did a great job with this one!

Artificial lighting

Painted Lady
From LynBDesgins' Fame collection, painted lady is described as:

"...a teal blue color that has glitters in the same tones and holographic micro glitter. This color is pretty opaque in two coats and dries a little lumpy..."

It took 2 thick layers to achieve opacity and dried to a semi smooth finish. The polish did require a layer of topcoat to tame the glitter. My camera did a horrible job capturing the fine detail in the polish, when you look closely at the bottle you can see multi sized dark green glitters and multi sized moss green matte glitters as well as holo micro shimmer. I wish I was able to show you all what I see when I look at the polish because it is so visually appealing.

Improbable Truths
Last but not least I have Improbable Truths from the Baker Street collection. This collection was inspired by none other than everyone's favourite crime solving sleuth, Sherlock Holmes! On the products page it is described as:

"...[a] mix [of] yellow, red, blue, green, aqua, and even a little purple fine glitter in a blue base...inspired by Sherlock’s belief that when you’ve gone through every option, whatever is left must be true. This color is gorgeous. It’s opaque in three coats, but even with that you can see all the different layers of glitter."

This bottle is jam packed full of glitter, it would look great over a layer of black or by itself in it own in its jelly goodness. I used 3 coats in my swatched below with no base coat.

One layer over black

All of LynBDesigns full sized polishes are 15ml and are priced at $8 regularly. Currently the shop is having a promotion where all the full sized polishes are marked down to $5. Yup, you read that correctly...ALL of the full sized bottles are $5. And if that wasn't a great enough deal already, there is a coupon code for an additional 30% off when you make a purchase of $20 or more, use the code BUBBY when checking out. But hurry because the code is only good until Friday. Amazing or what! I think I might have to make another purchase with discounts like that ;)

Hope you've enjoyed my post,

***All polishes purchased by me with my own money with the exception of Painted Lady and Improbable Truths which were graciously sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and my own.***


  1. Lovely colors! How much was the shipping?

    1. I paid $10USD shipping for 5 polishes to Canada. But feel free to msg Jenna, she will give you a quote :)