Wednesday 15 May 2013

L.A. Splash - Overview

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Today I have quite a collection of LA Splash polishes or nail splashes (as they call it) to share with you. Recently LA Splash was featured in a  monthly subscription box called Lip Factory.
Fun :) (missing golden sea lion)

Unfortunately in Toronto, there are currently no stores which carries this US brand. But they do however, have their own official site which you can visit to purchase some LA Splash cosmetics! Details down below.

missing golden sea lion but just loving this picture!

Dare to make waves?
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LA Splash polishes are quite a wonder in a bottle. I haven't heard of this brand before and had no idea of their quality. They are amazingly good, some could pass as ONE coaters. Which is always a plus in my book, especially due to their size.

all 13 here!! 

The polishes are held in small 10 ml bottles in the shape of a long rectangle, pretty much a shorter and slightly wider version of a Julep bottle.

a little shorter..
but a little wider.. 
They also feature a removable outer cap, so for people who like to swatch the tops of the bottles that's good. One thing, I am not a fan of is the gold cap, the colour was worn out on a few of them and polish remover totally wipes off the colour, this was accidentally figured out when a bottle fell over onto a cotton pad I was using :(

polish shown: Golden Sea Lion (b/c I accidentally left it out of a few pictures!)

The brush itself is a nice average brush and provides good coverage. Another plus is the consistency. It was on the better side of the average spectrum but I did not have to use additional thinner when swatching which as most know, is a bad habit of mine. The drying time is also great on these. Some of their glitter combos dry a bit gritty but can be fixed with an extra coat of top coat!

Remember, this is an overview of the polishes so MORE details and MORE close up pictures will be included in each individual post later on :)

Are you guy excited to see them reviewed individually?! For now I have them all lined up :)
<3 Loving my LA Splash!
Black Sea - a staple black creme
Mystique - a shimmery ocean green-blue
Ocean's Fairy - fine gold and dark green glitter in a dark green base
Golden Seahorse - golden glitter in a dusty, shimmery mint base
Golden Sea Lion - a pearly yellowed green
Arctic Gleam - dusty turquoise with a faint green turquoise shimmer
Retro - dusty mint creme
Atlantis - a bright raspberry red creme

Pink Sashimi - bright pink creme
French Mauve - dusty mauve creme ( on)
Starfish Dream - light pale purple toned pink creme
Sparkling Jellyfish - sheer coral pink with a holographic shimmer
Sparkling Torpedo - holographic glitter in a clear base

Close up of Mystique, Ocean's Fairy, Golden Seahorse, Retro & Arctic Gleam.

natural light

w/ flash
Close up of French Mauve, Starfish Dream, Pink Sashimi & Atlantis.

natural light
w/ flash
 Close up of Black Sea, Sparkling Torpedo & Sparkling Jellyfish.

natural light

w/ flash

Included in my package, there were some fun things such as caviar beads and nail art glitter (my favourite!!!!!).
top: flat glitters
bottom: caviar beads

Let's take a look at the glitter first. I picked out Metalmania, Onyx & Mardi Gras!
Each container contains 3 grams with a twist off lid. I recommend tapping the lid before opening.

Left to Right:

Metalmania. These type of glitter mixes are my favourite. Reflective silver of various sizes. Super glittery, super shiny!! I usually prefer silver as my 'go-to' since it matches practically every colour polish base :) It has silver micro glitter with slightly larger silver hexes and larger iridescent hexes.

Onyx, I wanted out of curiousity.  I don't have many black based glitters and they're always fun but this was MUCH more than the name suggested.
Onyx consisted of micro black and iridescent glitter and bigger iridescent hexes. SO pretty! As I was looking at it closely to see what was in the mix, I shone a light on it and Oh...My....GOSH..
Inside the container it has flashes of blue, orange and green. Spread out on white paper it has flashes of green, pink, purple, yellow and orange. Just wow!! Cannot wait to try this out :)

Mardi Gras was pretty much 'want at first sight'. Since summer was coming, neon glitter sounds perfect. I usually stick to deep colours so having glitter brings a little pop without making me all anxious haha.. It's a mix of smaller and larger hexes in neon highlighter yellow, green, pink and blue with reflective iridescent thrown in. My next mani will be FUN (like Mardi Gras... :P)!
I think that iridescent glitter is the secret to making LA Splash glitter mixes so wonderful ;)

The last type of product I have to show you today is caviar beads or beads to make 3D manicures!
Now I am sure many of you have already tried this trend already. It's the same basic concept.
Apply one layer of polish, let dry. Apply second layer of polish and quickly pour your beads over the wet polish and TA-DA! Full technique shown later.

In my set, I have received an all black bead mix and one is a mix of purple, pink, blue, silver and gold. This one is really similar to a mix MUA put out. Will have to ask my friend for a comparison. Regardless, I am liking this colour mix.

The caviar bead set came with the nail polish called Black Sea and Pink Sashimi to use as base.

Whew. This was a long post and this was only the overview. Soon there will be posts for each individual colour and tons more pictures!!

Are there must have polishes from this brand?
I did ask a few ladies around the polish page I joined and in agreement, if you're going to try LA Splash, make sure one of them is Golden Seahorse!! Mint and gold is one of my favourite combos and the subtle gold glitter in this polish just makes it pop :)

Here's a little preview of Golden Seahorse :)

Another favourite of mine is Sparkling Jellyfish. Although it's more of a topper, I am loving the fine holo particles suspended in a corally pink jelly~
One that is frequently recommended which I do not have for you today is Midnight Rain. A lovely black, red and blue combo..Can't wait for it to come back in stock!!

Aside from the polishes, I am loving the glitter mixes. I am a magpie for shiny glitters and they are easy way to add a bit of flair to any manicure.

About the website:
If you are interested in purchasing LA Splash please check out their website. I know other places such as in the USA, my friends has recommended ULTA but of course the best source is always the company's own website  :)

LA Splash's official website is (US) and (CA)
The site also encompasses other types of cosmetics such as eyeshadows, liners, mascaras, lip glosses, blushes etc but of course I only looked in depth in the nail polish section haha.
On the website, each regular nail polish is set at $3.99 (US) / $4.99 (CA).

Canadian shipping rates as of May 2013:
Orders from 0.01$ to 99.99$ - s/h is 7.50$
100.00$ to 199.99$ - s/h is 8.50$
200.00$ + - s/h is 9.50$

When clicking through the colours. The bottle itself actually doesn't change to the colour you have picked. (Reference to US Site). Only the tiny "droplet" picture changes. There are also no further descriptive details so you don't know if the polish is a creme, shimmer, glitter, or a topper etc. Some of the "droplets" are really good as in they're colour accurate but some are not..for example: Starfish Dream swatched is a light creamy pink but the "droplet" picture is more a dark liquid-y frosty? rose.  Lol, I picked this because of the droplet picture actually, I had to pick it up since the swirling of it made it look so interesting. Was it frosty? was it clear? I just had to swatch it!
This is the picture featured on the website of Starfish Dream.
The Canadian site, the 'droplet' pictures do not change and are micro-sized but there's less refreshing since the names are already listed. The Canadian site also lacks the descriptive details.

Usually for online orders, I recommend getting swatches / information from various sources before making a purchase, but as I was googling, there also aren't that many swatches featured of this brand. So I hope what I swatched today & future posts will help when you decide to make a purchase. :)

you'll be seeing these again soon ;)

Do you have any more questions about this? Did you ever try LA Splash, if so how did you like it ..?

Stay tuned for individual posts of all the colours :)

Stay Happy!


The products in this post was provided for review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Great post Mir! These polishes look beautiful!

    1. Thank you!!
      They really are a sleeper hit! So that they were featured in Lip Factory so that people can try it :) - Mir

  2. Great review and very detailed information, Mystique is sooo pretty !

  3. I would like an order of all the blues please!

    1. hehe Jasmine! definitely check out their selection ;)
      Lots of variety to choose from.

      - Mir