Sunday 26 May 2013

BrandBacker: BA STAR Glitter Makeup & Glue Campaign

Hi Everyone,

This is our first campaign write up for BrandBacker. How exciting!!

We received a sample from BA Star, something I wanted to try for a while, Holo Glitter!!

The package came with a 0.5oz jar of Holo Silver Glitter and a tube of  Body Shimmer Base which basically is a body glitter glue.

Glitter: The jar is just a normal twist top jar, so be careful opening it, although nothing spilt out when opening it, I always use a lid or tray just incase.

look at the colours!! I just LOVE holographic anything =)

Base: Pretty much a lipgloss tube with the same sponge tip application applicator.
average sponge tip

I was looking around and realized BA Star's cosmetics are all super sparkly & very flashy..? WHY? Because they are one of the leading companies for cheerleader makeup!
When you're on TV or showing off to a big crowd to rile up their spirits, the glitters are a MUST. Super  glittery and cheerful. No fall out is a very big must..
But, I am not cheerleader, I will probably only put some glitter on me for special occasions - maybe a dance, dress-up or something.
I appreciate how strong the glue base holds and smooth the application is but I might try the glitter for other applications, maybe nail polish? ;)

For testing purposes, I used the Body Shimmer Base and swatched an M on my hand. It was quite fine, no smell and non-sticky! I applied it and touched it right away and it was kinda creamy. I have to admit, I have quite sensitive skin so it did itch a bit.
Next I just took a Q-Tip and kinda dabbed/shook on the glitter and blew off the excess over the sink.(<--haha).

isn't my sparkly M so pretty? :)

I let it dry for about 5 minutes and lightly touched it. There was a bit of fall-out but didn't ruin the M.
I went out for groceries for about an hour, (YES with a big sparkly M on my hand!) I came back and this was the result.

after an hour of shopping :( I bet I left behind many glittery apples.

Not bad, but after a while I got a bit itchy and I removed it.
Overall, it's not bad, for its purpose it does a really good job. I don't imagine that cheerleaders after applying this would start scratching themselves or something lol!
Removal was super easy, just a wet napkin, but with all glitters, there will always be a few left behind

They have alot of fun products to try and we have special surprise, just down below, right after a few more pictures!

Just look at the colours!! not the best picture but I just love how the colours turned out.

glittery goodness, click for enlargement! <3

Body Shimmer Base - ingredient deck

back of glitter pot, no other information sorry!

From the site, for 8.75$ you can get a 5oz jar of the featured Holo Silver Glitter + brush.

If you are interested in taking a look, check out
& because we think our readers are AWESOME, BA Star has offered a GREAT discount code for us to share with you!

When you place an order, remember to put in the discount code for a huge 50% off! On their site there is also free shipping for orders $55+.

Discount Code: BBGLITZ

Come back and tell us what you got! :D

Stay Happy,


This product was sponsered by Brandbacker for review.


  1. The code only took off 4$ off of a 24$ order

    1. I believe the code is only good for the glitters like this one.

    2. Thanks Chelsey,

      actually there wasn't any specifications when the code was given to me, so I will have to go confirm it with the company on it's restrictions. Please bear with me :)

    3. I got confirmation "The 50% Discount can be applied to Glitter & Glue."

  2. Ooh Id love to try this! you dont have to be a cheerleader to wear it Mir!

    1. thanks! take advantage of the 50% off =)

  3. Holy glitter batman - impressive with how well it stayed on your hand.

    I like glitter - but I don't think to many people will be able to get good use out of glitter and glue.

    Interesting ideas though.