Sunday 5 May 2013

Haul: Clarisonic

After debating for a while, I'm finally going to blog about my hauls hehee. For the people who know me, I am a shop-aholic - a hoarder of sorts! haha...

For the past few months, my girls from an FB group and I have been sharing deals and our thoughts on good products. They are so bad for me!! Because of them, I am more aware of so many great deals and products that when I go out, I just couldn't resist the urge of picking a few items up!!
So, I present you, my readers - a "Hauls" marathon, a sneak peek to some of my recent purchases that are just piling up in my room!! I get so excited everytime I purchase something thinking "I should blog about this, share my excitement with my readers!" ahahaa .. is this a "blogger's mindset"?

Today's post is about Clarisonic!

My skin has always been kind of rough, so I started asking about the Clarisonic. It's pretty pricey so I definitely wanted to do some homework before purchasing. Many of the replies I got were positive, aside from the remark that when you first use it, it takes a little getting used to. I asked about this product for about a month before taking the dive. 
Shoppers Drug Mart usually have weekly deals for optimum members, such ask getting extra optimum points or redemption days when the points were worth more! I considered SDM versus Sephora and thought getting Optimum points was going to be better due to the fact I can get actual $ off my bill. So I went ahead and picked it up from SDM. The cosmetician was pretty nice (of course, after gushing about the more expensive option lol). She explained thoroughly how to use this product and the benefits of getting the Clarisonic. I already knew this thanks to the people I bugged for a month already but it was nice to know that the cosmetician knew her stuff!

Anyway, I am quite happy that a Clarisonic Plus is now in my possession :) I can't wait to try it!!
They do come in a range of colours and purpose heads, so PLEASE, before purchasing, make sure you do your research and purchase the one best suited to your needs :)

I picked a plain white because the only other option they had was pink and *cough*..I am not a big fan of that colour..

The Clarisonic Plus comes in a big box and contains:
-Clarisonic Plus
- Charging cradle
-Brush head for face
-Brush head for body
- Nourishing care cleanser
-Gentle hydro cleanser
-Refreshing gel cleanser
-Refining skin polish (2oz)

4 trial cleansers to try!

left: face brush head right: body brush head

Tips people have told me which can be considered (not tested by myself yet): 
- Other cleansers can be used, as long as it doesn't contain hard exfoliators particles such as nutshells.
- With good care, brush heads don't have to be replaced as quickly (shh!)
- Use old face brush heads as body brush heads 

ps. If you want to start thinking about purchasing a Clarisonic, their website has a great comparison chart on the different types they carry with additional information to read up on. Also be sure you ask friends or family members who have this product and read reviews!

Clarisonic can be purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart (Canadian), Sephora and other retailers.


  1. Sigh, I want a Clarisonic soooo bad, but they're so expensive! I didn't know SDM sells them, though!

    1. I didn't know either but when I was walking around I saw it, and definitely used SDM's bonuses to good use ;) - Mir

  2. Great haul!!! :D