Thursday 16 May 2013

Hard Candy polishes


In this small yellow gift-bag held a great prize!

Are you ready to see what's inside..? Click to find out!
Also because it's me, you'll hear a story too bhwahaa.

Hard Candy recently came out with a whole new line of nail polishes. Actually they revamped their cosmetics line but the nail polishes were definitely big news!
They held a contest to win the WHOLE collection. Luckily one of my friend's mother won. But, this is where the story starts.
A fake "Cheryl" tried to claim the prize. Of course, us girls had to rally for one of our own. We contacted Hard Candy, saying an easy solution would just to get the REAL Cheryl email with the email they entered with the contest entry. Of course, the fake one denied that and Hard Candy's solution was going 50/50. With a little more convincing about doing the right thing ;) Hard Candy made it right and issued an apology. (Can I get a heck yeah..?) It's really great when a company actually takes a stand and SOLVES a customer's issues than just delete & ignore.

Here's a contest update. And a huge apology. As you know our website is brand new and it takes some time to get used to all the ins and outs. It took us a bit to find the emails that were associated with your entries but we did. And we now know EXACTLY who won. You will all be contacted via email. So. Cheryl Shannon. YOU are our legit 'Cheryl' winner. And YOU will get all 45 of our polishes. Plus something extra because we weren't able to locate the emails immediately. Live and learn. And we hope you accept our apologies. This will absolutely never happen again. To the bogus Cheryl: you'll be blocked. We won't stand for cheating.

Being the amazing person she was. 2 sets of polishes were set aside to hold a little contest amongst our friends.

I won the "blue" set which included:

Jelly Bean Blue - it's a Sprinkles polish - a light blue creme base with blue and black glitter
Birthday Bash - tinted blue base with silver and blue hexes, black bars and black micro glitter
Sparkle City - pre-dominantly silver glitter with black glitter mixed in


Way to spoil me Keri & Mommy Cheryl!

Stay Happy,



  1. Replies
    1. a like for your comment too!! :) - Mir

  2. Oooh I remember you winning this! NICE NICE!

  3. I'm glad you like the polishes and chocolate! The "real" Cheryl

    1. eek, the great "real" Cheryl!!
      Thank you for everything and I am just so happy everything worked out in the end for you.
      Now Cheryl #2 (me) also has a few polishes to play with :)

      - Mir