Sunday 4 January 2015

Kinetics Penguin Galaxy Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 Collection Part 1

Hello again! Today I have another great Autumn/Winter collection from Kinetics Nail System. This time it is the 12 piece Penguin Galaxy collection.
Source: Kinetics Nail System

"The new leading hues comprise – mustard yellow “Arctic Prince” and the red hot “Hug Me” that’s a must-have shade for every ladies beauty collection. Another great addition is the three colorful and sparkling  glitters “Rich&Chick”, “Stardust” and “Glitter Storm”, which will be an excellent complement to perk up any party gown or after-dark ensemble."

Colours are correct but are mislabeled here.

Frozen Kiss
Frozen Kiss is a pastel peach creme polish, the formula was a little finicky because I kept getting streaks and bare patches. I had to use three thick coats to get an even coverage. The colour is quite lovely and feminine and worth the extra attention in application. Sorry for the weird lighting, I was trying to capture the colour as accurate as possible.

Frost Yourself
Frost Yourself is a pastel neon pink, at first glance it reminded me of China Glaze Feel The Breeze (comparison below) but Frost Yourself is definitely more peachy. Like Frozen Kiss, the formula of Frost Yourself was finicky. It was streaky and patchy. I needed to use three thick coats to get an even coverage. 

Arctic Prince
Arctic Prince is a marigold jelly polish. I didn't expect to like this colour as much as I did. I own nothing like this polish in my collection and it was a refreshing surprise when I loved they way it looked on my nails. I used three coats for the swatch below.

Be My Penguin
Be My Penguin is a deep orange creme polish. It took two layers to get completely coverage and applied very easily. Again, not a go to colour of mine but I thought the formula was really great and would look lovely one someone with a deeper complexion than mine.

Polar Dream
This colour makes me go gaga, I love it so much and I think shades like this will be very popular for me this fall/winter. I had a real hard time capturing the accurate colour, it's a vibrant teal almost neon like. The first coat was very sheer but it built up nicely. I did three coats for full opacity. This sort of vibrant neon teal reminds me of China Glaze Wait N' Sea, Essie I'm Addicted. I did a bottle comparison below, China Glaze Wait N' Sea looks like a very close dupe. 

Up The Rocks
Up The Rocks is a dark navy blue creme  and has the formula I've grow to love from Kinetics. It's wonderfully pigmented, creamy and opaque in one thick coat! This gorgeous colour is perfect for winter.

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*** These products were provided in exchange for my honest review.***

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