Wednesday 17 December 2014

Brandbacker: Make Up by One Direction - Take Me Home Collection

Hello my lovely readers!

Thank you to Brandbacker for this opportunity to review One Direction's new makeup kit.
The one I received was called Take Me Home.

There are 3 main collections in this first set, each one coming in a tin with 1D featured on the front sleeve. Inside the tin there are details on what's inside and how to create looks.

Click below to check out the one we got!

We got the Take Me Home collection (pictured on the left).

Each collection is named after an album & their products named after a song title (cute right?)

I know fangirls would totally dig these! I think these are perfect for a 1D fan for the upcoming holidays.

Lucky me, I got a more natural selection of products!

Inside the kit, I received:

- Liquilights UV Glow Gloss in Kiss You. It's a sheer but buildable orange glitter gloss which glows neon yellow under UV (cool!)
- Sheer Lipstick in Last First Kiss. A sheer soft pink lipstick
- Mascara in Little Black Dress. An average black mascara
- Nail polish in Live While We're Young. A cute holographic shine gold glitter!
- Stencils in various shapes
- Eye and body crayon in I Wish. A thick medium brown crayon.
- Eyeshadow Palette w/
  • Back For You (Cream Beige pressed shadow)*
  • Change My Mind (Orange Peach shimmer pressed shadow)*
  • C'Mon C'Mon (Mushroom taupe pressed shadow)*
  • Little Things (Chocolate brown pressed shadow)*
  • Take Me Home (Gold w/ gold glitter creme)*
*my descriptions, the package slightly differs, will address below

Overall:  Cute collection especially for the One Direction fans. The sleeve with the members' picture definitely a plus for fans. The icing for this collection is the names! This is coming from a fangirl who used to buy chupachup lollys just because Spice Girls were on it! I was also surprised by the quality of the makeup. It's not high quality but it's decent especially when the target group is for young girls. It's not like the crappy drugstore holiday packages *cough* when you open it, the mascara is dry and all the "cream" eyeshadows are rock hard. That said, the collection is good for a young 1D fan who is just starting to use make up.
It's not great for people who already have their routine pretty much set and have a handful of Holy Grail products because nothing from this set particularly stands out other than the eyeshadow palette colour selection. I also like the packaging,  it has a brick wall theme, and the packaging of each product also follows the theme. Simple and colourful, great for the target group.

Review of each item:

Sheer Lipstick in Last First Kiss:
Packaging is simple, follows the brick wall pattern and shows the colour at the bottom of the tube. There's a smell to it, I can't describe it but it's not floral or fruity. It's not unpleasant but it's also not great (best description ever right?).  It goes on like a tinted balm, quite smooth, not chalky and no build up around the edges. Mine must have gotten warm because the second time I went to swatch again, it came out of place. 

left side: 2 swipes, 1 swipe of sheer lipstick.
right side: 2 swipes + Kiss You UV Gloss on top, 1 swipe of sheer lipstick

Liquilights UV Glow Gloss in Kiss You:
At first, I was turned off by such a vibrant orange glitter gloss. I swatched it on my hand and it was super orange. It's not really my style and I don't like glitter in my gloss. I had bad reactions to glitter glosses from Bonne Bell before! Turns out, one coat, it's quite sheer. Two and it's more orange, but nothing unwearable.  It has a really faint fruity smell and goes on smooth. It is not sticky but it has a slight grit due to the glitter. I personally still prefer no glitter in my glosses!

 Mascara in Little Black Dress:
What to say about the mascara? It's average, had no clumping but it also felt like I didn't put it on. I have short Asian lashes so I like a mascara that really thickens and lengthens. I didn't expect much from this mascara and didn't make any sort of impression on me.

 Nail polish in Live While We're Young:
Ok, onto the reason why we even blog, nail polish! I can see why any girl would love this. Glittery, sparkly goodness. This polish had even coverage without it being too thick. It has a medium to sparse distribution of glitter. Average drying time, but does not dry smooth. It contains reflective gold (and maybe silver?) large hexes and a sprinkle of rose gold, green, blue and iridescent small glitters. My camera picked it up as a scattered rainbow of colours.

Stencils in various shapes:
Yeah, I don't know what to do with these. You're supposed to colour it in with the eye/body pencil but no thank you..maybe I'll pass it onto my friend and see if he wants to use it as a spray paint stencil. They are basic plastic cut outs.

- Eye and body crayon in I Wish.
Average. I find the brown too "bright". When swatched it's like a bright chocolate but on the eye it's like a mahogany. Very unflattering on me. It looks almost like an orange tinted brown on me. I tried to wear it on my waterline but no way! It looked too much like I had a case of my allergies. I cringed. I tried it as a eyeliner but it's way too thick so I tried it as a shadow. It went on smooth, slightly patchy but another layer is great. I just don't like the colour.. alot.

 Eyeshadow Palette w/
  • Back For You (Cream Beige pressed shadow)
  • Change My Mind (Orange Peach shimmer pressed shadow)
  • C'Mon C'Mon (Mushroom taupe pressed shadow)
  • Little Things (Chocolate brown pressed shadow)
  • Take Me Home (Gold w/ gold glitter creme)

First thing first, brush sucks if I can even call it a brush. On the left is a bristle brush and the right is a foam tip applicator. Look at my swatch pic, the one using the brush is non-existent!! It can't pick up any colour lol. The foam one fared a bit better but still not good! Using my finger was much better!

I really like the colours of this palette, I love neutrals! For starter eyeshadows the pressed powder ones are great. They go on a bit sheer but it's a look I like. 

My favourite would be Back For You, the light soft cream colour is delicate and brightens my eyes. On the package it says it's a creme eyeshadow but I beg to differ, it seems like a pressed powder to me? I even dug my nail in each colour to see.. but I don't know. The gold one Take Me Home is a golden creme eyeshadow with a layer of gold glitter on top. Due to this, the application of it is patchy and gritty. You can see it below on its own close up. I don't prefer cremes anyway since I have oily lids, they crease fairly quickly. The other three colours are great and average, nothing I have to point out. 

I think the palette is my favourite item from this collection. Soft light neutrals, I can wear many different combinations! Sadly, I tried to do a 'look' with them and due to it's soft pigmentation and bad camera quality it looks like nothing hahaaha! oh gosh I will need to practice on that.
My close second favourite is the sheer lipstick + UV gloss combo. Each by itself, is ok but not great. Together they make the best 'everyday' colour (unless you shine a UV light at yourself haha!). 

I did Back For You all over as base, with Little Things in the corner. I lined the bottom with Take Me Home and I used my own Stila Liquid Eyeliner for Eyeliner. I used Little Black Dress as my mascara. On my lips I put on Last First Kiss sheer lipstick and layered Kiss You liquilights UV gloss on top.
At first I used Change My Mind for the corner but it turned out too light in pictures so I switched to Little Things

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This collection was sponsored by the BrandBacker program for review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I need to get these for my daughter. She will freak! Great review!

    1. Thank you Andrea!! I am sure she will love the set =)

  2. THat polish looks pretty cool actually, I dig!