Sunday 11 January 2015

Kiss InstaWave-Automatic Curler

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Sorry for the super late post, hectic work schedule + trying to do a video = super fail!

Company description:

The revolutionary KISS InstaWave is a fully automatic tangle-free curler that instantly creates beautiful, long-lasting curls with ease (No Need to be a Pro). 
No longer do we need a professional to style our hair to perfection. Instantly create beautiful, long-lasting curls with just the touch of a button with the KISS InstaWave, a fully automatic tangle-free curler. 

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The machine itself looks fairly simple, it has the middle barrel which emits the heat to hold the curl. It has the inner tab which is to to hook the hair in and then the outer tabs which helps guide the hair to the barrel to curl.

It has 2 buttons on the appliance.
The first turns it on to two heat settings (low or high [max 420 degrees])
The second is the curl dial which changes direction of the curl wand.
In the video above, I demonstrate the movements of the machine as I press the directional button.
Then I focus on the button to show the heat settings.

It also automatically shuts off after 90 minutes, but usually I'm pretty good at turning off and unplugging appliances ;)

To use the Instawave is relatively easy. As a first time hair curler it was a bit scary when I had to put the wand close to my head. I didn't want to burn myself! AND because I am so awesome....I wanted to do it with one hand while trying to film with the other.. This was one time I wanted 3 arms! haha
When I first did it, I kept thinking to start near the bottom then it would curl my hair to the top like other automatic curlers but you had to start near the top and it curls in your hair. Once I figured that out, it was much easier.

To start, you turn on the Instawave to the heat setting you want. I chose low to try it out.
(1) I comb a section out and slightly angled, (2) I place it within the inner tab. Then (3) I pick the direction I want and press the curl dial accordingly.
Once the section gets curled up, (4) I hold it for 5 to 10 seconds.
I straighten the Instawave so it's standing vertical and (5) I pull the Instawave releasing (6) my curled hair :)
If I am going out for a long night, I would spritz it with a bit of hair spray.
I let it cool down before combing it through a little..I'm not too good with hairstyles so if you would like to comment below with tips, feel free!!
p.s. even if I hook my hair up in the tab and go the other direction of the curl, it doesn't get caught.. which is a major plus!

The hardest part was really, just hooking the hair into the inner tab and figuring which way you wanted the curler to move! I held each section for about 5-10 seconds (recommended was 3 to 10). I wouldn't hold it in too long incase it burnt your hair off like that girl in that viral video but I was fine with it being in there a little longer. (Can you tell how inexperienced I am by now? haha)

When you plug it in, there is a slight high pitched buzzing sound but the company said it's of no concern. It does get quite annoying though. I think it is because of the circuit which is rotating inside the machine.

I've never had any appliances similar to this so I can't really compare, but for a newbie like me, this Instawave curler is pretty good.

There's a really great video on which shows a step by step tutorial. It's also what I followed to learn how to do it hehe...

Hope my review has helped. I also hoped you like my first attempt at a video (lol!!) 

Retails for $69.99 CAD / $59.99 USD
Available at Target, Ulta and
In Canada it is also available at Walmart and 

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