Monday 2 December 2013

Eylure lashes

Hi Everyone,

I had this draft hiding for so long, I thought it was published!!! eeek.. but without further ado:

Today on the blog, I have sets of Eylure lashes for review.
You may have heard of them because they recently collaborated with Katy Perry and brought out many set of lashes. These lashes were given to me for review purposes, all opinions were my own :)

I find false lashes fascinating but I cannot for the heck of me wear them. I am quite a rough person and eyelash application I think requires quite a bit of 'finesse'. lol!! So I can't say my application is the greatest. Fair warning, ahead you'll see a glimpse at my horrible eye (yes just one! the other one was too swollen from allergies so I let it rest!) and my first-time newbie lashes application haha..
If I haven't scared you off yet with my paper lashes application, click below and enjoy!

warning: after this, it's all pictures of my eyes, if that freaks you out - you have been warned!
Before we start, this is a picture of my eye, with makeup but no additional lashes or mascara - I will use this as the reference eye (lol).
I know lashes might be seen better without makeup but I figure, if you're going to bother to put on fake lashes, I assume you're going for the ALL OUT makeup look..? Maybe I am wrong, leave me a message if you want to see me take pictures without the makeup!

The first one I tried was the one I assumed would be the easiest - Pre-glued Corner Lashes

They are 'half-lashes' so theres no need for measuring or trimming AND they are self-adhesive so no need to find glue, wait for it to dry just enough and tricky application. I literally just pulled it off the package, closed my eyes and awkwardly placed it as close as possible and poked at it until I thought it was stuck on (heheh). Actually in a closer look it wasn't as close as I would like it but usually with my thick eyeliner (THANK GOODNESS) it looks Ok :)

I liked these lashes. They are very light-weight and low maintenance and finally.. my eyes shows visible lashes! My lashes are pretty short and sparse compared to my brothers (why genetics why!!?!) and with my eye-liner, sometimes I skip mascara because.. what's the point!
With these corner lashes, at least something shows! they are sparse enough it looks natural and I can thicken them up with a bit of mascara. In retrospective, I should have trimmed them JUST a bit shorter so that they are a bit more in par with my natural lashes ... but I walked around all day and no one was like "Mir, you have freakishly long corner lashes" (haha..), my mom even said I looked nice (<3 mom)!

I think these gave my eyes a little oomph, do you agree?

Confession time, this is my 4th time trying it on LOL, and still it's quite tacky!  What's good is that they come with an extra band of adhesive, but I didn't want to waste it.

Oh, my!

THESE ARE SO THICK. When I put them on I felt like I couldn't lift my eyelid and I had limited vision.. it took about like 5 minutes for me to get used to them and even then I just wanted to close my eyes.. my beautiful lushful eyes hahah jk. It was crazy lush but wow I don't even need make up or mascara it was that thick!!
I have a new found respect for celebrities who have to wear these while dancing and singing for hours! just wow...

ps. even though these are super thick, I think they would be great for a festive night out!


These are probably my favourite, they're not too thick but they have these separated lashes that extend longer than the rest. They give me a natural oomph and they are cute!

w/o mascara
w/ mascara
lol, these lashes actually look quite normal since my eyeliner is usually quite thick hehe..

The best is they have own adhesive strip (latex free) with extra strip..I took advantage of this fact and use it to show how easy it is to replace it. First you remove the old strip, then with an orange stick I gently push it along the new line of adhesive which is on the upper part of the lash holder. When you gently remove the lashes, the new adhesive is adhered to it!
(L) This is the lash attached to the new adhesive strip
This is me pulling out the re-attached new adhesive strip.. I obviously need a more gentle touch lol!

Oh, Honey!

They look pretty natural and blended pretty well with my own lashes. the band itself is invisible so it's easy to hide with make up =)

This set of lashes do however clump together when you add on mascara, making the lashes more sparse than without.

Sweetie Pie

I found Sweetie Pie to be quite similar to Oh, Honey! in terms of naturalness and plush. To me, Oh, Honey! gives off a more dense and full lash look while Sweetie Pie looked exactly like my normal lashes + extra length.

Sweetie Pie however did not clump as much as Oh, Honey on me. I find Sweetie Pie not much of a difference when I wore it.

All lash sets (excluding the self adhesive ones) come with a tiny tube of glue, it's not really my preference, I preferred going out to buying my own).. There are different formulas and I recommend you to go out and find one that you prefer to work with.. :)

All lash sets' back packaging includes instructions with pictures showing application / how it looks on the eye (see Oh, my! for reference)

For more information:
Check out their website HERE
Visit their Facebook page HERE
Follow their twitter HERE
They have a fantastic selection of lashes and lash kits for the experienced and the new!



ps. Below is pictures of another set their site has available. I think it's a pretty good beginner set. 
It comes with 2 sets of lashes (corner and full strip) and a helper tool which is supposed to aide in putting them on. 

These lashes were given to me for review purposes, all opinions were my own :)


  1. I like the half lashes and sweetie pie!

    1. I think the half lashes are one of my favs too :)! - Mir

  2. This was a really great post! I loved Oh Honey and Darling! Very natural looking. The heavier Oh My, would be amazing to try as well :)

    1. Thank you Val!!! I think Oh, My! will be fun to wear on special occasions.. I just need to get used to them! - Mir

  3. i love the effect of false eyelashes but i hate putting them on! agggh i lovee lovee those super thick ones on you! and Darling as well!

    1. same!! I hope I get better at it because they do look pretty =))) thank you Helen!!!