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Benefit Cosmetics - Primed For Lovin'! + info on other giftsets!

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the hiatus :(  There is SOOOO much stuff I want to show you guys! Will be working slowly..

In other news, upcoming posts will includes some fancy lashes perfect to finish your holiday looks, butter LONDON holiday collections & other fun things. I will start with today's posting about a really good deal on one of my favourite brands - Benefit Cosmetics!

Click below to read - this will be quite a long post .. mostly because I ramble - I just can't stop talking about how amazing the value is!!!

This would be a perfect present for your Secret Santa, your girlfriend, your sister, your best friend etc - basically anyone. This is just ONE of the many sets they have available too. I will include screencaps/ info at the end of the other sets I found online.

The Tin / The Look:

The size of the tin is big so it looks presentable. It has a really cute 'pop-art' design. (WHY is the one I like most PINK??)..The price / info labels are just stickers which can easily be peeled off (super big plus when it comes to  giving gifts - noone likes a gross half peeled price sticker!)

The tin is made of metal and of nice quality so it can be reused (another plus)!
There's a handle on it, so it will be a bit annoying to gift-wrap but you could easy just tie a tag on the knob and give it out like that!

When you go to purchase it, it just comes like that - without wrapping, so make sure you check for any defects (as I know that may annoy some people - like myself!).

The Goodies:

The set I bought as you can already tell is called Primed For Lovin'!..
I bought it since The POREfessional is a staple item in my makeup routine.

So.. it comes with:
  • 22 ml / 0.75 fl oz The POREfessional (Full Size)
  • 13 ml / 0.45 fl oz High Beam (Full Size)
  • 85 g / 0.3 oz They're Real Mascara (Full Size)
  • 6.5 ml / 0.22 fl oz Sugarbomb Lipgloss (Mini)
and the price - $49 (plus tax) !!!!
Yeah I am not even joking. It even says $50 on the box but it rung up as $49. YES I am excited for an additional dollar off haha!
Even without the price breakdown - you can tell it's ALREADY AMAZING.

It also comes with a bit of shredded paper, very nice detail!

The Review:

The POREfessional (PRO mattify-ing priming balm)

I use it under my make-up as a primer to minimizes the appearance of my pores. Benefit also suggests it can be used over makeup by patting it lightly over makeup and blending. I really like this product. It comes out beige but goes on clear. It's smooth and does hide the appearance of  my pores slightly. This is pretty much the reason why I purchased the gift-set. Love it!

High Beam (luminescent complexion enchancer)

It's not a product I would have considered buying, but I like it. For my brow area, I tend to use a light pearl coloured eyeshadow. Using the High Beam gives a really subtle illuminating effect. The effect is much less prominent than my eyeshadow so I think it's pretty good for every-day. It's a pretty huge bottle considering you only need a few dabs of it for your whole face. I think this will last a very long time.
Ps. remember not to use too much or it becomes too silvery-white!

They're Real (mascara)

Unfortunately, the product in there was pretty dry so I can't make a note of the formula. I know many people like the benefit mascaras though. It has a really strong rubber/plastic brush. As tested on my hand, the formula is super black, doesn't seem to smudge of flake. I can't really give a full review until I find a new one.

Sugarbomb Ultra Plush (lipgloss)

This picture turned out much more redder
I am not a big fan of gloss so I was okay with this being a mini. Ps. Sugarbomb sounds cute.
It's a mauve-y pink or some call it a nude pink w/ shimmer. It does go on more clear than pink so if you're looking for colour coverage - look elsewhere!
It doesn't have that sticky feeling to it. Actually it feel more like a balm w/ gloss shine more. I really do like it. I think the scent is nice too! Throwing it in the purse as I type..

The Breakdown*:
  • The POREfessional: $36
  • High Beam: $32
  • They're Real Mascara: $29
  • Sugarbomb Lipgloss: 0.5 oz (full size): $19 / value: $8.36
Total: $105. 36
*based on Canadian retail pricing before taxes

It says $109 value on the tin but whatever lol...

Anyway, this set was bought from Shoppers Drug Mart. Sephora has a similar one but it has a mini Coralista lipgloss and Sun Beam instead AND the Sun Beam a mini for $43.
So this time, going to a Shoppers Drug Mart and paying only $6 more, you get a FULL SIZED High Beam!

Like what you see..?
This set was purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart.
Retail price: $49
Limited Edition.

All the sets have pretty great value. I have included a few pictures / information on the other kits. Some are from the benefit cosmetic's website so they have American pricing. No idea what they would be in Canada, so make sure to read my labels on whether it's American or Canadian pricing I am showing. (All prices rounded since there's no pennies hehe..)
Some are also not featured on the Sephora site so I don't really know what locations these can be purchased in USA.
Going to assume ...Macy's, Ulta etc. :)

It's a Love Fest
This was the one I originally wanted to buy.. I love the tin - purple! and it had similar items! But in the end the value of Primed For Lovin'! was much better and ended up buying that.
Retail Price: $43 CAD on Sephora

Taken from
  • 0.75 oz The POREfessional (Full Size)
  • 0.3 oz They're Real Mascara (Full Size)
  • 0.13 oz Sun Beam 
  • 0.22 oz Coralista Lipgloss
Total Value: $82.60 based on Canadian prices.

Love Me B.Right
This is a good set if you like benefit skincare. This set is to have 3 of benefit's bestselling skincare products + POREfessional primer.
Retail Price: $56 CAD on Murale.

Taken from
  • 0.5 oz It's Potent! Eye Cream (Full Size)
  • 1.7 oz Triple Performing Facial Emulsion (Full Size)
  • 0.3 oz Total Moisture Facial Cream
  • 0.25 oz The POREfessional 
Total Value: $89.40 based on Canadian prices.

Show Me The Love
All the popular items together! the awesome POREfessional, the bestselling They're Real! mascara and the popular Benetint!
Retail Price: $43 CAD on Murale.
Taken from
  • 0.3 oz They're Real! Mascara (Full Size)
  • 0.42 oz Benetint (Full Size)
  • 0.25 oz The POREfessional
Total Value: $77 based on Canadian prices.

Let's Glow, Lovely!
I don't know why it shows the Love Fest box but oh well.
I haven't tried these products yet but I think for the Sephora birthday gift this year it's that mascara and watt's up. So if you like what you got, this set is for you.
Retail Price: $50 USD based on Benefit.

Taken from
  • 0.33 oz Watt's up! Highlighter (Full Size)
  • 0.25 oz Dandelion Blush (Full Size)
  • 0.14 oz They're Real! Mascara
  • 0.22 oz Dandelion Lipgloss
Total Value: $93.90 based on Canadian prices. $75.75 based on American prices.
*please note that the retail price will also be higher in Canada, I just don't know by how much.

Lovabye Baby!
This was a box that interested me as well since I wanted to know how well the foundation was. The killer of this lemming is that the shade is in IVORY. It is not interchangeable as said on the Ask & Answer.
Retail Price: $63 USD based on Benefit.

Taken from
  • 1 oz Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow in Ivory (Full Size)
  • 0.37 oz That Gal (Full Size)
  • 0.25 oz Dandelion Blush (Full Size)
  • 0.25 oz The POREfessional (I know on the website it says 1.25 US fl. oz but I believe it's a typo.)

Total Value: $127 based on Canadian prices. $103 based on American prices
*please note that the retail price will also be higher in Canada, I just don't know by how much?

There might be more sets floating around, feel free to direct me to them so I can add it to this post! ^_^
How do you like them? I think the one I got is my favourite :P

Just throwing this in here, for any fragrance lovers.
The Crescent Row Limited Edition Set

Taken from
On the Benefit Cosmetics's website for $37 ($48 value).
I always thought Benefit perfume were so cute!
This is a set of 4 mini (10 ml / 0.34 oz each) fragrances.
The set includes:
laugh with me LeeLee, under my spell Noelle, ring my Bella, & my place or yours Gina.

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