Sunday 8 December 2013

BA Star - Holiday Red Lip Colour

Hi everyone,

Today I have a review on the BA Star Lip Colour Holiday Red!!! :)
Thank you Brandbacker for this opportunity. Just in time for the holidays.

When I first saw the pencil, I thought it was very unique since it has a green sheen to it, I don't think I've ever saw anything like that.. but when you put it on after the first layer it is a plain red and none of the green sheen has transferred onto my lips.

Sorry for such a blurry picture, it looked better on the camera >_< but notice after using it, the green sheen is gone and it's a plain red.. after sharpening the green shimmer has not returned!

The red is a brighter cherry red (more to the pink side), it does smudge a bit. It's not quite hydrating or glossy .. although I don't really expect it to be since it's a lip pencil versus a stick. I find it a bit too bright for me (but then I am scared of reds). Once again I find BA Star to be quite long lasting - perfect for a show / cheer leading event. I wore it to work for a 6 hr shift without re-applying and it was still pretty much there. I did use lipbalm from time to time since it wasn't a hydrating formula.

I wore it alone with nothing underneath or over!

for some reason, my eyes just looked so awks LOL.

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Holiday Red Lip Pencil is $8.75 / 0.088 oz.
Made in the USA.

product was given in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own. Sponsored by Brandbacker.


  1. Omg Mir! It looks great on you. Stop blocking out your eyes!!! Your beautiful :)

    1. hahah Michelle, thank you!! but i didn't put on makeup yet :p