Wednesday 9 October 2013

Transfiguration Cosmetics - Eyeshadow Swatches

Hi everyone!

Today I have some eyeshadow swatches! Transfiguration Cosmetics is a line by my friends Holly & Laura! They are relatively new but I would <3 you dearly if you showed some love and liked their page :)!
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Thank you!

Onto the swatches:
These were all swatched without primer, as shown on the picture above. The effects of these shadows will differ depending if you use a primer, glitter adhesive or wet etc!

Host Champion

Host Champion is a soft yellow with a pink shimmer. It blends almost to a soft silvery colour. It's a great everyday colour which brightens your eyes. It's quite soft so I like it for a natural look but if you want it more in your face I do recommend a primer - the one by Urban Decay or Too Faced are pretty good!

Thinking Crown

Thinking Crown is a red toned brown with blue shimmer but it also has a silver sheen to it. I looked at this shadow for quite a long time, is there also pink shimmer in this?? Holly, Laura help!! haha..
It's quite a complex colour. I think it matches well with Lion... it seems quite red toned but as I swatched it - it seems much more neutral!


Snake is really interesting. Snake is like a dark dark mushroom grey colour with a strong strong teal shimmer. (no idea why I'm repeating words but oh well haha). The teal is prominent with or without base but of course if you want it to be more intense - use primer! I find this colour pays off without primer as well!


Lion is probably my favourite :).  It's very similar to the colours I tend to wear. It's a taupe with a pink shimmer. Once blended it's super soft since it matches my skin-tone and brings a light shimmer. The pink is light but noticeable.  Not too noticeable though, for me to go ..ahhh pink!!!

Each eyeshadow was smooth and not chalky. The colours are there even without primer. The colours are soft, subtle but not hidden. I cannot wait to see what else Holly and Laura will come up with!
ps. If it didn't hit you yet, these have Harry Potter names!



Size: Small - 3g packed / Large - 5g packed w/ sifter

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My best wishes to Holly and Laura <3 May you have great success with your indie cosmetic line and I cannot wait to see what awesome new products you showcase!

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