Monday 14 October 2013

Revlon - Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm in Dawn/Aube

I just thought to post about this but I don't really know what to say ... Maybe another colour may be better since it actually does what it says?

The lipstain stains and the balm is pretty..balmy? haha..

But, let's start from the top.

I decided to expand on the type of lip products I've tried and picked up a 'lipstain'. The purchase was really random and now I think it's a ..regret?
I opened the seal and pulled the cap off the balm end and it was broken and fell onto my carpet. Of course,  MY LUCK.

Also the colour of the stain is much darker than the tube has lead me to believe. It's hard to pick a colour since at Wal-Mart there are no testers!

Everything else is under the cut, mostly because I don't want people to freak out... JUST IN CASE.
So click below for pictures :)

Then I opened the lip stain end and noticed it was quite dark. I thought it'd be like the tube but no.. now look away if you're a bit squeamish but it looks like dried blood. It really looks like I just took some blood and decided to paint my lips with it haha or cherries (to be nicer). Can someone say vampire??Actually it wasn't even me who  thought of this. I got some on my fingers and when and when I went downstairs, my mom asked me if I had accidentally cut myself? I tried to explain to her what a lipstain was but I guess she didn't care because she just went back to her game (thanks mom!). back to the topic.
lipstain by itself without balm on top

The lipstain is basically a watery pigment. The Revlon one applies like a marker. It's quite pigmented but you have to give it a few seconds to dry before layering or else it'll end up all streaky and blotchy. I am pretty sure my pictures is a good example of how NOT to wear one?! lol...
I guess it's like when we're kids and we tried to paint our lips with cherry KoolAid or like me anything blue raspberry so I could run around and show my grandma my 'lovely' blue lips?? no?? just me? LOL!
With the balm, it looks a little better but still quite patchy.

The lipstain had a bit of a tacky finish, didn't bleed into my lines and was quite pigmented. Could have forgotten I had any on!
I do like the balm but I think too much was sticking out (doesn't twist up or down). It lasts quite a bit, no scent and didn't feel too waxy or drying.

The balm ROCKS! Kissable lips without ANY colour fade / transfer =) For testing purposes I kissed my hand about 20 times :P

Basically it gives you lip colour without the feeling of a lipstick or gloss. I do like this concept because "it feels like I am wearing nothing at all..nothing all..." (a little Simpsons humour) and it lasts quite long without having to reapply (major plus).

Tip: Make sure your lips are bare when putting on the stain so it can 'settle' onto your lips. If you put a balm before it, it might not last as long or apply as evenly..? Not quite sure if that's the reason why my lips are so blotchy.

After I wiped it off, my lips looked like this: It looks like I just finished a boxing match. I was not quite happy about that :(..

Would I buy this again..? HMM.. I would like to find a colour which isn't too vampy on me to try again but from this... maybe not. I do recommend if you try something from Revlon to pick up a Lip Butter. I'll review those later but I REALLY like the ones I got ;)

I think I'll keep this for Halloween, a bloody colour always seems to come in handy ;)

It was about $9 for a 0.05 oz product at Wal-Mart. If I remember correctly, there's about 15 choices.


  1. love how you're so optimistic about using this for blood, mir!

    1. hahaha I make do...although I'll probably throw it away after =P

  2. Tried these before, I could never to get them to look unpatchy :S

    1. yeah I can't even if I layer it :( I really like the balm though