Tuesday 8 October 2013

Priti NYC Sponsers New York Fashion Week + Fall Collection Preview

Priti NYC has been busy at the New York Fashion Week + fashion shows, being worn and collaborating with so many fantastic and talented designers.

Below are some of the info postcards which show the colours featured. Which are great since they give you info on a designer's new collection and how Priti NYC compliments them. I think the colour choices given are great which are your favourite?
I have included links for easy purchase haha.. just click the names and it will lead you to the polish :)

Starting off with this: Of course in the month of February, they would feature a pink. I know many people who would love this! This is a bright pink with a opalescent sheen.

Hula Girl Rose

Priti NYC collaborated with Charles Harbison to create this custom crimson lacquer. It's just so bright and firey red! If you like this colour it comes out in mid October!

Onto softer colours, I find these three colours really complimenting the designer's taste. Tia even designed the runway which looks amazing! Really loving the colour Mushroom Flower. These are available now
Mushroom Flower
Pincushion Protea

Onto even softer colours, the following is a staple. A delicate pink nude colour  which compliments Tocca's lingerie inspired pieces. But to add a fun flair Priti NYC added on a glittery rainbow topcoat. Old Man Cactus was their pedi colour which totally matched their shoes!

Another basic soft sheer pink, matches this collection as it won't overshadow any of the richly detailed prints and patterns of this collection!
Check out Truly Yours Carnation here...
Truly Yours Carnation

Cute cute cute, I love the look of Bristol Fairy, a sheer pearly white with a silver shimmer. Of course to compliment this colour would be a classic red. When growing up I kept reading books where the hottest trio of colours were: White, Black and Red. So I find it totally suitable!

Bristol Fairy is not available on the website.
American Beauty

High Hopes is from Priti NYC's new Fall collection.  Looks super cute on the models, although not a colour I would sport myself it looks really fitting for them!
(Scroll below to the Fall Collection postcard to check out the rest...or just check out High Hopes here).
High Hopes

I may be biased since I love nude shades but wow these three are so pretty ^_^..Also I love the explanation of why these colours were chosen! Love complexion nude polishes

Fairy Moss
Spring Song

Below is a preview of their Fall collection called Dusk In Paris. The collection name just sounds lovely and unlike other companies which feature more vampy / dark colours for fall, these four are soft and light. Which ones do you like? I am loving Silver Birch! 
They are out now and ready for purchase:

Interesting how a show with bright, & beautiful colours, sport such a light soft colour. As said, Priti NYC chose a sheer pink favourite - Blush Noisette, finishing off with their Speedy Dry Top Coat.

There is so much details on these models, they look so edgy and hip! from their coloured hair, to the outfits. The polishes picked are a hit I think. Metallic shades in Pewter Veil, Chrysanthos and Old Man Cactus --- awesome!

Pewter Veil

Now we have the gold, and the silver .. and even the pewter.. I would like to also link the bronze!
Bill's Bronze Orchid ; although it wouldn't have matched this show, I do like a good bronze :)

Mary- Kate and Ashley!! Surprisingly, this one featured a cuticle oil versus a colour! I think it really matched the models and the look they were giving.

Almond Cuticle Oil with Ginseng Root Extract

I love this name! Lady of the Dawn*. Anyway, again with the trending pinks, Adeam and Priti NYC picked Lady of the Dawn to be their feature colour to compliment the styles of this show. Very matchy-matchy, but really how can you go wrong with doing pale / nude shades..?
*more info on Lady of the Dawn below..!

Stella McCartney, browsing from Priti NYC's site actually have a few colours which are designed for Stella McCartney. One of them was mentioned above - Lady Of the Dawn. Made for Ms. McCartney for FW 2013.
Lady Of The Dawn
*Nigra is actually 603.
Priti Loves Matte

Whew! That was a lot, it seemed like tons of fun and must have been quite busy for Priti NYC..
I hope you take this opportunity to check out their colours. They have a whole range of colours to check out: click me!

Size: 12.6 ml / 0.43 fl oz
Price: $13.50
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PritiNYC

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