Thursday 25 April 2013

Starlooks February & March

Woohoo, Starlooks again :)
This time I have Feb and March! 

This month's special is by Lauren Clark! A professional make-up artist. If you click at the link below, you can browse her blog and check out her bio etc!

Isn't the box adorable..? Very "valentine-y"
loving the box!

You can read her review on her blog page here:
she does a really nice look with it (unlike me hehe)

So, this month's products are really "valentine-y", very girly and pink!  The set included a lipliner in Tipsy, HD fluid blush in Barbie, infinity liner in Princess Diaries (gel eyeliner, doubles up as cream eyeshadow :)) & lipgloss in Pink Oasis. 
The only downside, I already received the lip liner in my birthday box. But oh well :)

HD fluid blush, it was really hard to squeeze out of the tube, it was probably since it was sitting in the cold mailbox for hours before I picked it up XD. I am not really a user of blush, and this one is super pink. Will have to learn how to get this product working, since I saw a few of Lauren's looks & it looks really nice!

Can you tell I suck at blending? hahaa..

Infinity liner in Princess Diaries, it's a really nice soft pink shimmer. Texture is soo pretty and I'd prefer to wear it as an eyeshadow. Amazing product!

Lipgloss in Pink Oasis, it's a purple toned pink, super sparkly and glossy :)


Loving the plain looking box but it's not the same size as the others, so now they stack weird!! (OCD here!! but I know you girls would understand :P)

This month's box included lipstick in Flutter, eyeshadow in Disarray, and mascara in Black. Plus a bonus sample of their lip sugar in Vanilla (a lip scrub) and 20% off all Starlooks EYE products with the code: EYEDEAL313

and of course, a crystal for the collection.

I love mascara so no cons for this product. I love love love mascara so I am glad I got this since one of my mascaras already dried up. Another thing I love about this is, it's like a baton!! hahaha I love that's it has some weight to it and not at all flimsy!

my mascara baton, doubles up as a weapon harhar...
nice thick brush
brightened picture: closer look on the brush
This eyeshadow is a lovely colour. One swipe and it doesn't seem tlike anything but it's buildable! It's a lovely dark navy with a blue shimmer, I tried it over my eyeliner and the blue shimmer was so intense. Also no fall out which for dark eyeshadows is a MAJOR plus! BUT after like 2 hours of wearing it, no primer but at home, it kinda faded, a lot more than any of the December palettes so hmm, I'll have to try again with primer and see how that goes. I usually don't mind fading since my eye allergies make it difficult for me to wear eyeshadows long but this time my eye didn't react and it still faded so *shrugs*

picture 52 just for the correct colour! But it's so lovely! 

left: one swipe & right:3 deep swipes

Lastly, we have a lipstick in the shade Flutter. It's an dark orangey colour with gold flecks. The girls in my group had trouble with this colour but it was recommended we blot, blot, blot so it doesn't come out as dark and it'll give a more natural look ;)

w/o flash
w/ flash, it's really not THIS intense
a swipe, still a bit too coloured for my personal taste.

Bonus item: Lip Sugar in Vanilla. It's a bit sickly sweet and I haven't tried it yet but I definitely need a lip scrub so yay..

What I'd like to see in the future with Starlooks, for my own preference. I prefer nuder lipsticks, I'd love a bronzer and I can never get too much eyeliners :)
I looked at a sneekpeek at the April box and I think I'm liking the look a whole lot. so here's to hoping!

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