Wednesday 17 April 2013

random Sephora freebies

Who knew fixing a mistake at Sephora = free stuff? lol..

Recently I was looking at an old Sephora receipt and realized there was a refund mistake, I quickly called the Sephora where I did the transaction and was told to go in and get it fixed asap. When I went, the person who answered the phone wasn't here so I had to explain my situation to THREE employees. 
All of them not really understanding what I saying, it was like broken telephone. So I was like "Wait, I'll explain to all three at once!" This was so awkward, then one of them was like "Let's just call and ask!". Then they called the girl I was on the phone with initially. THEN I got my situation fixed. One from the trio told me to hold on and went to the back. He came out with a makeup bag full of samples saying it was for the trouble caused and the time it took. I didn't mind the situation but this was a very awesome gesture, even more awesome when I opened the bag and there was NAIL POLISH!

Basically the situation was, I was supposed to get a refund of about $44 but instead it came out to $23. I really should pay attention to these things next time lol!

Anyway on to my bag of goodies.

First, I really like the makeup bag they provided. The size and quality is decent & the fishnet/floral design is nice. Also, I needed a bigger one! 

 Contents include:
2 miniature perfumes in - Juicy Couture: Couture La La & Dior - DiorAddict Eau Fraîche
Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone Cream 
First Aid Beauty - Face Cleanser
Clinique - All About Eyes Serum
Dior Addict Lipstick in Dior Kiss
Dior Nail polish in Rouge Garçonne

A Close-up of the nail polish, a darkish wine red with a super hidden silver shimmer. Super hidden as in you need to stick it right up to your face under a light to see it hahaa! But it's still pretty!


  1. Replies
    1. thanks! I was quite thrilled :) - Mir

  2. wow thats crazy!!! I hope they make a mistake with my transaction next time ;)

    1. hahah ;) im surprised there was even such thing as mini dior! - Mir

  3. ouu how's the first aid beauty cleanser :0 ?

    1. I haven't tried it yet, but I have heard great things :) - Mir

  4. Woah, that's totally awesome! Now I wish they would make a mistake on me next time teehee. :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. hehe Yun, double check your receipts! ;) - Mir