Monday 22 April 2013

Enospring - Color Club Holos

Holy Holo!

Before you read this post, get your drool buckets ready!

When Color Club released the two sets of holographic Halo Hues (2012/2013), it stunned practically the whole nail polish community.

drooling yet? Look at this holo effect! (no flash, no direct sunlight!!)

Thanks to Enospring, Annie and I can see why! These two sets of nail polish are FREAKING AMAZING. Holographic nail polish is probably my #1 favourite finish and these, wow are super holographic!

trying to be artsy here lol

People were asking where to buy them and word was spreading like wildfire. One site that kept being mentioned was Enospring!

Enospring is a company which offers Color Club Halo Hues (amongst a few other polishes / products) at the price of $7 USD each or $39 USD for a set of 6 (choices are 2012 set or 2013 set).

We had to e-mail the company to ask the most important question ever: Do you ship to Canada? lol.
If you're Canadian, you know how many times our heart breaks when we read "U.S only" right? Luckily, although Enospring's website says they don't ship internationally, Customer Service said they would send to Canada.
Shipping costs to a Canadian customer is calculated automatically, to us 6 polishes would be $13.35 USD.
If you're a US reader, good news, Enospring offers free shipping within the US for orders over $30!

This might seem a little pricey, but for us Canadians, who usually don't have many options of where to purchase polishes, it's not bad especially considering their shipping is SUPER fast.
I made the order on a Friday, payment was transferred on Saturday.
I am going to assume they shipped Monday (a business day), I received it Friday..!! In total, just ONE week!

Another note about Enospring before we talk about the Halo Hues is that their Customer Service is great! I've had replies within the hour of my inquiry, they seem super nice and dealt with my questions professionally, quickly and their answers were direct. Dealing with so many other companies such as for my beauty boxes, I definitely appreciate that they answer each question without beating around the bush!
The only con I had with Enospring is some of the Color Clubs had polish around the neck, I know it's a bit common when buying polishes but this is why sometimes I like shopping in person. I had to put some work to just open them, ah boo! But other than that, this online shopping experience was wonderful! So thank you Enospring for a positive experience.

our choices w/ flash
our choices w/ natural light (non direct sunlight)

Halo Hues:

When 2012's set came out, I was a bit 'meh' about them, yeah they are really holographic but the colour seemed to be lacking, then the 2013's set came out and I was totally in love, they looked super pigmented and the holographic effect was still as strong. I JUST LOVE IT!

As you can see above, Enospring shipped our order in a 6 polish shipping box, which is double bubble wrapped then placed in another box. We received our polish well.. I am so excited to share some holographic goodies with you!

the 6 we picked were:
w/ flash
w/o flash - natural light

Left to Right:
2012's Angel Kiss, Blue Heaven & Harp On It
2013's Over The Moon, Kismet & Cosmic Fate

Each one is amazing and now we're going to SPAM you with pictures, because I am sure you had enough of us talking..!  ps. Sorry for the lack of direct sunlight swatches, the day I was free to do them, there wasn't any! :(

Swatches are all : Left to Right: Angel Kiss, Blue Heaven, Harp On It, Over The Moon, Kismet & Cosmic Fate

no flash
w/ flash
w/ flash

w/o flash
w/ flash
underside w/o flash
I took a picture with swatch sticks so I could show you the underside, the colours are actually quite different but with the strong holo effect, some of the colour differentiation is lost. I noticed this between Angel Kiss and Blue Heaven on the nail especially. For all swatches I used 2 coats to achieve opacity.

This selection of Color Clubs was bought from Enospring w/ blogging privileges for review of its services.
Color Club Halo Hues can be purchased on Enospring for $7 each or $39 for a set of 6.


  1. WOW those are AMAZING! Holo polishes are so beautiful!

  2. Replies
    1. stay tuned! We're going to review them individually, we also have the black and purple one (Beyond & Eternal Beauty) those two are my FAVOURITES! they are beautiful! - Mir

  3. I have one up on my facebook profile right now!